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Fall 2009 September 9, 2009



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Rodney Dempsey, Karen Gartley, Vidhya Raman, Randy Wisser and Kathleen Turner 
MIssing : EHS representative

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 am

Jerry welcomed new committee members, introductions were made, and responsibilities and duties were explained.

Old Business:

Outstanding lab inspection items from Fall 2008:
151 TNS, 201, 204, 205 WOR Bob Mulrooney & Nancy Gregory training expired: Follow up - Nicole (Gregory completed 6/29)

150 TNS - add chem inventory to EHSA: Follow up - Jerry (Elaine Eiker started, but has retired)

Outstanding inventories for Emergency Operations Plan:
Sherry Kitto’s Lab - Nicole Donofrio
Conference Room 156 Yan Jin’s Office & Lab - Dimin Fan
John Frett’s Office - Sue Wooler Greg
Binford’s Office - Sue Wooler
Kungsoo You - lab and office - Nicole Donofrio
Pill and Vasilas lab - Kate Murray

Spring lab inspection deficiencies found
112 WOR – (Jerry Hendricks) Chemical inventory added to EHSA (Caroline has started process)

205 WOR – (Nicole Donofrio) Chemical inventory currently combined with 201/204, will place hard copy in 205
Compressed gasses may be unnecessary (sent a message to ANFS)

210 WOR – (Kate Murray) Dust in lab (ongoing building problem)

214/215 WOR – (Nicole Donofrio) Two ceiling tiles damaged
No hot water in 215
Safety indicator in 214 needs a test run to Public Safety

216 WOR – (Jerry Hendricks) Training expired for Chen , Ji and Yoo

302 WOR – (Matt Ginder-Vogel) Not completed

151 TNS – (Jerry Hendricks) Chemical inventory to be added to EHSA
Mulrooney and Gregory training expired (Gregory completed 6/29)

Worillow Hall – (Jerry Hendricks) Spill control material required for loading area (met with Leslie who will recommend material)
Stairways used for storage (removed)

Townsend Hall – (Nicole Donofrio) Chipped stairs on entrance to 132 TNS
No spill control material

Greenhouses – (Dimin Fan) No sprinkler or detector in 102 FGH
Auto front door in FGH not working
Exit light battery dead
No evacuation plan posted (EHS aware, but not high priority)

Wilson Farmhouse – (Matt Ginder-Vogel) Not completed

New Business:
Assignments of new lab inspections were given and an explanation of the checklist that is used for inspections was discussed. For each inspection, follow-up on outstanding items, check training through EHSA and ask about updated inventories. Also ask for Job Hazard Analysis to be completed for any procedure that may be unique to that lab. Use the websites for inventories and training records and for doing online training.

Inspection List:
101 and 104 WOR – Karen Gartley
105 WOR – Rodney Dempsey
108 and 110 WOR – Randy Wisser
112 WOR – Jerry Hendricks
119 and 125 WOR – Rodney Dempsey
201 and 204 WOR – Rodney Dempsey
205 WOR – Rodney Dempsey
208 WOR – Vidhya Raman
210 WOR – Vidhya Raman
212 WOR – Karen Gartley
214 and 215 WOR – Vidhya Raman
216 WOR – Jerry Hendricks
302 WOR – Jerry Hendricks
304E WOR – Jerry Hendricks
306 WOR – Jerry Hendricks
150 TNS – Randy Wisser
151 TNS – Karen Gartley
Greenhouse – Jerry Hendricks

Jerry will email committee members a newly updated Laboratory Inspection Form with included guidelines as well as a blank Job Hazard Analysis form, and a template for a Standard Operating Procedure for nanoparticles. If a lab uses nanoparticles, they need to adapt this form to their conditions.

A fire drill was conducted on June 19 for Worrilow and Townsend Halls, the greenhouses, and Wilson Farmhouse. No violations were found, but several people and to be asked to evacuate, and many did not congregate at the designated meeting point. Two warning emails had been sent with specific instructions.

A new PLSC Graduate Student Orientation was help on August 28. Students were informed of their required safety training and a demonstration of EHSA was presented.

Jerry will contact Kevin Eichenger to get Vidya and Randy access to the systems.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 p.m.
Next meeting will be December 9, 2009 at 11:00 am in room 156 Townsend.