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Winter 2008 December 10, 2008



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Rodney Dempsey for Bill Bartz, Matt Ginder-Vogel & AJ, Dimin Fan, Sue Wooler, Nicole Donofrio, Kate Murray & Kevin Eichinger (Occupational Helath & Safety)

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am

Old Business:
Seven labs have outstanding lab inspection items:
112 WOR –waste improperly labeled
151, 201, 204, 205 WOR Bob Mulrooney & Nancy Gregory training expired
208 WOR– Waste improperly labeled, needs secondary containment
214 WOR - Lighting Issues
302 WOR Waste label, replace sink, spill kit
304 WOR - Training expired, remove equipment in hallway, first aid kit needed, waste improperly stored
150 TNS - add cheminventory to EHSA

New Business:
Emergency Operations Plan: Kevin Eichinger explained what it was, in case of a disaster then we have an inventory of all of our equipment for each office and lab, explained that computer and other valuable items should be put up high in case of flooding, etc. Cover high dollar items with plastic. Due by the year end. Check with people in your department to update computers, scanners, valuable equipment, etc. The following is a list of office and labs and who will get the information needed, get as much information as possible, such as serial numbers, model numbers, etc.
Bob Lyons office - Nicole Donofrio
Jim Hawk’s Office/Lab 210, Seed Room in Greenhouse - Bill Bartz
Sherry Kitto’s Lab - Nicole Donofrio
Bruce Vasilas’s Office/moving to 125 with Dr. Pill - Kate Murray
Chad Nelson’s Office & Studio - Jerry Hendricks
Wally Pill’s Office - Kate Murray
Jules Bruck’s Office & Studio - Jerry Hendricks
Richard Taylor’s Office - Kate Murray
Karen Gartley’s Soil’s Lab & Office - Kate Murray
Sue Barton’s Office (Camera, Laptop, Computer) Matt Ginder-Vogel
Tom Pizzolato’s Office & Lab - Nicole Donofrio
Bob Mulrooney’s Lab & Office (150 & 151 TNS) - Dimin Fan
Main Office - Sue Wooler
Amy’s Office /Don’s Office (moving) - Jerry Hendricks
Tecle Weldekidan, Jerry Hendricks, Bob Uniatowski, Maria Pautler’s offices - Jerry Hendricks
Conference Room 156 Yan Jin’s Office & Lab - Dimin Fan
Tom Evan’s Office & Lab - Matt Ginder-Vogel
Dave Frey’s Office - Jerry Hendricks
John Frett’s Office - Sue Wooler
Nicole’s Office & Lab - Nicole
163 Open
Jeff Furhman’s Office & Lab - Nicole Donofrio
Greg Binford’s Office - Sue Wooler
Caroline Golt’s Lab - Matt Ginder-Vogel
Greenhouse - Bill Bartz
Randy Wisser - lab and office
Kungsoo You - lab and office
Pill and Vasilas lab

DOHS Announcements:
Kevin Eichinger: Environmental recycling center for florescent light bulbs established at the Municipal Building on Elkton Roa, inside in lobby. Custodians collect UD’s and dispose of them
Radioisotpes are now ordered through WEB forms and charged to individual Purchase Cards.
EHSA Web Training -Students could not access, had trouble logging on, biggest problem was logging on from home or the dorms. If they are still having problems contact Kevin and he will contact proper people to see what the problem is and to resolve it.
Chemical Hygenie Plan added to web training.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 p.m. 

Next meeting will be March 11, 2009.

Submitted by Sue Wooler