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Summer 2007 June 13, 2007



Attendees: Robin Elliott, Jerry Hendricks, Masayuki Shimizu, Liping Zhang,
Cathy Olsen, Kathy Fleischut

Not Present:  Bob Mulrooney, Kyungsoo Yoo

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m.
Old Business

Spring Lab Inspections Reports

Old Greenhouse – food and drinks in freezer (have been removed),
remove chemicals in office area or prohibit food and drink,
remove fluorescent tubes in corner,
soil dryer in basement needs to be moved (Sims), but it’s too expensive (Jenny is checking on this),
safety shower/eye wash not tested,
replace burned out light in walkin freezer,
exhaust fan in basement needs a guard.

Fischer Greenhouse –replace frayed cord to corn sheller (Hawk),
breaker panels unprotected,
Rodney to replace or fix handles on rolling cart,
remove fluorescent tubes,
remove ethanol in refrigerator (flammable),
eye wash not compliant. Kevin wants replaced and sent Rodney the info, first aid kit needs restocking,
seed sizer needs guard,
dispose of used gloves in pesticide room.

Townsend Hall – Men's bathrooms on ground floor is ADA compliant but there is no handicap signs,
water damage to tiles,
combustible storage (8 labs) must be 18 inches from sprinklers,
front entrance is tripping hazard.

150 TNS – ok

151 label on refrigerator needed, hazardous grinder (drill press), test tubes being held by hand are hazardous

Worrilow Hall

105 - OK

108 & 110 – SOP for Phenol, Chromium and Hydrazine need completion, need foot switch installed on grinder.

212 SOP for phenol

205 Extension cords needs to be replaced

302 needs spill kit

208 remove 2 extension cords, need spill kit, and sign for hot plate.

101 JHA for centrifuge,
threshold on door needs repair,
shower unsecured,
waste container unlabelled, 2 improper labels,
gas cylinder storage needs to be moved to back of room,
SOP needed for nanoparticles for clay minerals,
remove extension cord to DI water.

125 gas regulator inspection question

212 job hazardous analysis needed.  Maria is working on one.

210 emergency posting at door not updated (Hawk)

216 hot surfaces and refrigerator needs label

201 & 204 ok

Wilson Farm House automatic opener and fire door (Jenny is working on), second story window latch is broken, broken bathroom window. 

Summer Inspections of 2007 will be self inspections.

Kevin will do inspections in 112, 125, 201-204, 205, 208.   Jerry Hendricks has posted results on website from 1998-2002.  Jerry noted that new forms are easily editable and asked if completed reports could be added to EHS Assistant. The problem is following up.  Question raised – Do others (Biology) post on web?  Biology’s access is restricted, PLSC’s is not.  Recommendation:  implement compliance procedure.  Everyone does not need to see this info.  We cannot have a secure website per the IT people.  There is a EHS module for lab inspections; but, not sure if files can be stored.


Four classes were registered for WebCT Right To Know trainings - 3 completed.  143 enrolled, 49 have not started, and 94 completed.  One Botany not completed due to the fact that professor refuses to collect forms.

April 25 was a Food Safety Training by Sue Snider with 11 students attending.  Purpose was to discuss food donated to Food Bank from Grad Student Vegetable Garden.  Blue & Gold wants to participate this year.

Three grad student trainings – 11 attended Right To Know Training and 9 attended Chemical Waste Training. 

Fire Drill will be held 9:00 a.m. on June 15.  An additional person is needed to see that the building is cleared.


Year End Report due June 30.

IT Meeting being held June 15 to get a radioactivity requisition on webforms.

Dean was sent homeland security information which was forwarded to Chairs.  Jerry Hendricks received and passed on the all PLSC.  About half have inventory in EHS and others are close to completion.  Over 5,000 comments have been received regarding the  rules.  A Security Summit was held.  May relax Appendix A.  Deadline was increased to 60 additional days.  We should proceed as without worrying about the extension.  The inventory we submit will be verified.  Schools targeted are those in metropolitan areas.  Total quantities are being looked at.  We are in good shape.  Training will take a year. 

Waiver sent out for blood borne pathogens.  Undergraduates had to sign form with the understanding that they are responsible for their own health care and will be required to be tested.  There is concern about undergraduates (not on payroll) not understanding that this is mandatory.  It was brought up to retain part of the fellowship to pay healthcare fee and to be considered “on the payroll.”

New Policy – to find alternates while on vacation.  We will have a permanent substitute.

New tech for radiation treatment – Jane Frank

New fire safety training next fiscal year.  A $3,000 training unit is in place that is more environmentally friendly.  A LCD projection screen will be used to describe fires.

Disaster planning is in full swing.  The emergency coordinator is Marcia Nickel.  Emergency notification communications system is in process.  Make sure the EDD form is updated.  There is a pull out section in the blue pages.  Disaster planning form is a now a webform. 

Ground fault circuit interrupters are all done.

Emergency telephones are needed and being corrected in policy and upgrade, e.g., eye wash – tepid water; fume hoods – alarms and meet standards; laser signs – when in use.

Web CT is working on emailing when training complete.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Fleishut