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Summer 2006 June 14, 2006



Attendees: Robin Elliott, Karen Gartley, Jerry Hendricks, Tom Pizzolato.

Not Present: Teresa Holton, Jen Gilbert, Brandon Lafferty and Greg Binford.
The minutes were taken by Dot Milsom.

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 AM.

Old Business:

Fire drills
Fire drills for Townsend Hall, Fisher Greenhouse and the Wilson Farmhouse were held on May 22.  Worrilow Hall will be rescheduled for June 28th at 10:00 a.m.

The drills found the following items:

Townsend Hall
1. Attic space has an unknown vent piping attached to sprinkler. Determine if pipe is needed and remove hanger from sprinkler.

2. Exit behind Room 002 was blocked by Ag Day supplies. Clear area and maintain exit without obstructions.

Fischer Greenhouse:

Hard to hear the sirens in back zones 5 & 6. Need to install a strobe light in that area for people to see when the alarm is on.

Wilson Farmhouse:

Sole stairwell compromised with fire doors propped open. Submitted request to install magnetic door holders. In the meantime, occupants were told to keep the fire doors closed.

All violations were reported to Julie but since she is leaving, a follow-up will probably have to be done.

Spring inspections
Inspections were conducted by the committee and the following items were noted:

Townsend Hall:
Near 222 TNS, ceiling tiles damaged in hallway. -reported to Fixit.
Air quality questioned in Townsend Hall, smell of cigarette smoke reported.
012 & 013 do not have lab signs as yet. - report to Kevin

Worrilow Hall:
First floor east end exit sign hanging.
Outside of 110 WOR, ceiling tiles damaged. - both reported to Fixit
301A propped open with drawer.

Fischer Greenhouse:
Previously noted strobe light needed for fire drill purposes.
Bottom brackets removed from zone doors, and have not been replaced. - reported to Fixit
103 ceiling tiles water damaged. - reported to Fixit
No Right-to-Know posters. - request from OHS
Ethanol mixtures in refrigerator. “At what dilution do flammable mixtures become non-flammable? - referred to Kevin.
Microwave and refrigerator in headhouse used for food, OK, but is there a "food only" label available. - No
No chemical, Toxic Survey or bio inventory. - Rodney is working on chemical inventory and Toxic survey, Tersesa will conduct bio inventory.

Wilson Farmhouse:
Blue light was out. - reported to Public Safety who responded tat it was just checked.
Recycled cardboard not picked-up.
Rear entrance key jams. - reported to Fixit
Second floor window latch broken. - reported to Fixit

101 WOR Needs arsenic SOP - submitted but needs revision
Tripping hazard, tile and threshold is broken
One student not wearing safety glasses.

105 WOR - OK
108/110 WOR– Not done
112  WOR -OK
125 WOR-Ceiling tiles need replacement
201/204 WOR– not done
205 WOR -not done
208 WOR -not done
210 WOR -not done
212 WOR- Arsenic SOP being developed
214/215 WOR - OK
216 WOR – Under renovation for Kyungsoo Yoo
Needs lab sign - completed
Needs chemical, toxic, bio inventories, MSDS
Safety shower/eye wash needs inspection - completed
Need First Aid kit - done
Need Spill kit
Need guard installed on disk mill - moved to 108 WOR
New fume hood needs certification - done
Chemical waste needs to be removed - done
Old drying oven containing asbestos needs to be removed.
302 WOR –Not done
304 WOR – Not done
306 WOR – Lab in transition, it is currently occupied by Greg Binford.
Surplus equipment needs to be removed - done
Empty boxes need to be removed - done
Unlabeled liquid in Nalgene containers
Ceiling tiles need to be replaced- reported to Fixit
Lab sign needs to be updated
307 WOR – Not done
150 TNS - OK
151 TNS –Not done

New Business:

Jerry thanked the committee for their service and noted that Tom Pizzolato attended all meetings and completed all assignments, unusual for a faculty member.

Outstanding Toxic Surveys – 208 WOR, 216 WOR, 302 WOR, and 304 WOR.

Injury report was completed by Robert Uniatowski.  An investigating form needs to be done.

RTK Training requirements are trying to be met through WebCT, but not all department members are participating.   Robin suggest that if people don’t complete this on-line that they will have to attend a class.

Robin Elliott announcements:

Disaster Plan needs to be updated.

June 30th is the deadline for the annual report.

Robin said that the Natural Resources and Environmental Control gave a surprise visit inspection. Several chemical waste violations were found.  All container lids must be closed at all times. She also said that OHS is researching for a replacement for the glass-only box.

Robin also stated that two new positions were approved:
1.  Chemical Waste Specialist –Level-8,
2.  Tech-Level-6 Fire and Industrial Hygiene.

Also hired a Phd student from Urban Affairs to inspect fume hoods.

ERGO smart software to determine proper ergonomic desk position is now available on the OHS web site.

DART is now offering free rides on Ozone Action days.

EHS Assistant implementation is moving forward. Will be maintained by MIS, locally Toby and Jerry will offer support.  Information is available on “What’s New” section of web page.

Drinking water sampling was conducted again, but no results yet.

Feedback on the Safety Beacon – how effective is it?  Do people read it on the web or hard copy?  Would a routing system be effective?

Jerry said the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences has hired two new faculty, one plant pathologist who will share 304 WOR with Jeff Fuhrman.

The next meeting will be: September 13, 2006

Meeting adjourned: 2:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Dot Milsom