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Summer 2005 June 15, 2005



Attendees: Carolyn Golt, Jerry Hendricks, Kevin Eichinger, Jeff Fuhrmann, Sue Wooler, Tom Evans, Carrie McCool.

The minutes were taken by Sue Wooler.

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM.


The storage cabinet in the Townsend stairwell has been removed.

Old glasshouse is going to be demolished, but the head house will remain.

Security Camera proposal is on hold until Federal funding is clarified.

File backup system is being implemented. The original offer to store files up campus has been rescinded. Instead Toby has set up a server in the Alan Lab and the files of Dept. Chairs and office staff will be uploaded weekly. All others will have to back up their own files.

WebCT Training – RTK, still 9 Faculty, 5 Staff and 3 Students outstanding. Chemical Waste, same 5 Staff

Biosafety Audit - 3 groups of DBI students need training, plus 4 Faculty. 1 registration and 1 inventory also outstanding.

Flammables in the Greenhouse have been removed.


An abandoned shed on the farm was found to contain many bottles of pesticides and other chemicals. All have been removed by Murray Tate.

A fire drill was held on April 22. Some concern was expressed about audible levels in a few Worrilow labs.

A new autoclave has been identified as a high priority for the department.

New committee will be assigned for September. A request was made to have Teresa Holton on the committee to represent the Greenhouse.

Spring Lab Inspections were conducted by the committee. A few items that need to be addressed:
101 WOR - need SOP for Arsenic, Cadmium, Chloroform, Chromium VI, Cobalt, Lead, Mercury, Molybdenum, Nickel, Sodium Azide
Tripping hazard - threshold and chipped tile
Safety shower/eye wash overdue
Syringes not locked
Excessive chemicals in refrigerator
Safety glasses not being worn by all personnel

(Kevin responded that Safety shower/ eyewash will only be checked annually from now on. Researchers should do periodic flow checks

Needles and syringes should be secured, but not necessary to have in locked cabinet. Same for radioactive materials.)

105 WOR - Question on when Emergency Cards date needs to be updated. (Kevin responded that Lab Signs should be updated when there is a change.)
Bio inventory needed
Storage of oxidizers
SOP for Barium acetate necessary? (Not on toxic list)

108/110 WOR RTK and Chemical Waste Training overdue for all
Chemical waste needs to be picked up
Soil grinder needs guard

125 WOR - RTK Training for Frick overdue
Food in lab
Excess gas cylinders (removed)
Excess chemicals

201 WOR - Updated chemical inventory available
Secondary containers needed for Flammables and Corrosives
Excessive quantity of chemicals
Poor air quality - have installed own filters

214/215 WOR- Frett, Kitto need RTK Training

302 WOR -Fuhrman RTK training overdue
Bio registration needed

304 WOR- Binford, Vasalis RTK needed

306 WOR- Excess storage
Ceiling tiles need to be replaced

Fisher Greenhouse - Automatic backdoor not working (fixed)
No evacuation plan
Electrical receptacles on padwall corroded and ned to be replaced

Wilson Farmhouse- blue light out (referred to Fixit)
Fire extinguisher not inspected (Bernie Alexander contacted)
Extension cord on floor. Kevin responded -Extension cords are for temporary basis only. Use power strips instead of extension cords.

Townsend Hall - Blue light out (reported to Fixit)
No glass containers available
Air quality, occasional smoke smell (reported to Julie Burton)
Emergency Cards missing in 222, 216, 221, 012, 013
No Lab Sign in 012, 013

Worrilow Hall - Hand rail broken between 1st & 2nd floor @ east end
Hole in wall, west end 4th floor
Fire extinguisher inspection overdue

Tom Evans stated that in Genetics Lab 205 did not make a report about a burning table top as they cleaned it up themselves.

Lab Management troubleshooting session held April 5. MIS promises to correct all deficiencies.

EHS Assistant Demo held April 19, a commercially available alternative to Lab Management. Has many more options. Kevin Eichinger stated that Robin Elliott does not want a program that does not fir our needs, so the it is still being tested. Written request has to be sent to Provost. That should take place by July 05.

Chemical Hygiene Plan has been revised. Compliance Policy Draft has been distributed for review. Includes mechanisms for enforcement of repeated violations.

Survey of Highly Toxic and Carcinogenic Chemicals has been sent to all PI's. All items on the list will require SOP's within 6 months. Kevin will write those that are most common.

Kevin stated that you can not buy Refrigerators for Bio-hazards Material without approval from Occupational Health & Safety first.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Wooler