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Summer 2003 June 11, 2003



Attendees: Leslie York-Hubbard, Maria Pautler, Jerry Hendricks, Caroline Golt, Cindy Barnett, Kurt Williamson.

Meeting called or order at 1:40 PM

Old Business

212 Worrilow has a new sign and the adjourning lab signs have been posted. 203 Worrilow still needs a holder (for the emergency contact lists). It is currently being held by scotch tape. Leslie will contact facilities to have corrected. Lab 110’s card holder is also falling apart. It needs a new contact card as well. Jerry will generate a fix it order to correct. These holders don’t usually fall apart – this is not common; therefore, we don’t have to start thinking of replacing all of them.

New Business
Incidents: there was a “lifting” accident in the greenhouse. Caroline suggested that someone from the greenhouse should be on the safety committee. Jerry concurred especially since the greenhouse employees now report to Dr. Sparks. The new safety committee members are Cindy Barnett, Maria Pautler, Caroline Golt, John Frett, Wally Pill, Uta Fuchs, Laura Kirk and Kurt Williamson. Laura will no longer be here and Kurt is on a safety committee at DBI. Their seats will need to be filled by someone else.
Online Safety Right-To-Know training. The form needs to still be updated to include advisor name, date and course number for the last page. Leslie will check with Robin to see the status. Jerry also questioned the checkbox on the top of the form “for hazardous materials”. There is some confusion as to who is checking it off and who isn’t. Leslie will also check into this.
Spring Lab Inspection. Some are still outstanding. Jerry quickly read over them and reviewed the following with the committee:
304 Worrilow – 304 and 306 are joining rooms. There is a door that is now permanently locked between the two rooms leaving a doorstop that is embedded in the floor. This needs to be removed. Leslie is concerned about he door being permanently locked and not labeled – it needs to have “not an exit” affixed to it. Leslie will check with Bernie and let Caroline know how to correct this. Labels are needed for the refrigerator. Jerry will give the labels to Pilar Mesa to post. The showers need to be inspected every 6 months. Also needs a biological sticker on the hood. It currently has one for a fume hood and Caroline has questioned if this was the correct sticker. The hoods also need to be inspected twice yearly. There is no date or anything else noted on this hood.
105 Worrilow – shower needs to be inspected. Leslie has spoken to Bob Bennett, Facilities Management, Manager, and he informed her that they are way behind but are working on getting caught up. Facilities does have a list of all the rooms that require services.
125 Worrilow – needs to update chemical inventory and their chemical storage. A power strip is needed – provided there is a surge protector to correct poorly plugged in cords. A microwave sticker is needed. Fume hood certification has expired. The chain on the compressed gas cylinder needs to be tightened.
212 Worrilow – everything is OK.
Townsend Hall (building). The light outside the library and outside the bathroom, next to the library, needs to be fixed. Dr. Meckly, Future Farm Owners of America, has a storage cabinet underneath the stairway. Should we email Karen Aniunas to see what to do – Leslie will contact Bernie on this and get back to us.
In room 257 the ceiling has what appears to be water spots (leaking ceiling). The fire extinguishers are not all up to date. They should all have been inspected on May 1, 2003. Personnel cards for the labs need to be updated. Maria emailed Dr. Kyle on some concerns in his area. This bought up the question while doing building inspections – should we pay attention to the rooms that are being inspected by someone else?
201/204 Worrilow – need to update lab posters. Graduate students don’t go on personnel list. Chemical inventory needs to be broken down for 2 rooms (what chemicals are located in which room). Follow-up on safety training is needed. Maria referred them to the website for training. A spill kit was obtained for 201. There currently is no phone in 204 or 105. Leslie thinks a phone should be located in 204. Jerry will talk with Amy Broadhurst/Facilities/Telephone Services to obtain one for the room.
302 Worrilow – needs to complete emergency personnel list. This room is very messy. Dr. Radosevich used to use this space. Dr. Fuhrman uses the space to store things as well. Overall it is OK. Complaints have been made about the temperature being too hot or too cold. Maria is also sending emails to the labs to see if any updates have been made per recommendations. Hepa filters are requested to see if that will help any of the ventilation problems.
150 TNS – everything is perfect.
151 TNS – tripping/slipping hazards. Too many plant samples blocking the way in and out of the office.
216 Worrilow – needs a spill kit. Yan Jin has taken care of this. Broken glass bottles had to be removed. The current students did not understand that this was their responsibility to dispose of. They have been told and will do so in the future.
Farmhouse – the lighting in the corridors need to be fixed. On the third floor there is a hole occupied by squirrels. In 301 the right light bulb needs to be replaced. No evacuation plan is posted - these need to be by all the elevators and doorways. The NE corner has gutter problems (leaking). Carpenter ants are all over – maybe coming from the dead tree outside that also needs to be removed before it falls over. FIX IT needs to be told about all the above.
Soils teaching lab – shower not inspected. No lights, no sprinklers. No orange stickers/labels on chemicals.
307 Worrilow needs emergency contact card. Door is always open. Ice machine is in there. For security, should it be closed? Not really. A new autoclave is going up in 308 for Animal Science, Plant & Soil Science will still use 307. Waste is not removed properly. What happens is people start the “disposal process” and leave without returning to finish. There is special training required to use the autoclave. The fume hoods are not inspected and this room needs some cleaning.
208 Worrilow – needs labels on freezer. Caroline is concerned about the students working on the weekend. Need some SOP’s written. There is also a problem with the temperature.
Worrilow Building – emergency postings needed. Broken tiles on the first floor and they will be fixed soon. They have already been reported to Julie. NW corner door is marked as an exit and this need to be marked “NOT AN EXIT” due to the obstruction outside the door. The ceiling tile in the hallways is ratty – some should be replaced. The fire extinguisher inspections are not up-to-date. Leslie asked if anyone had noted any weather pattern for the poor ventilation – many students have complained about sinus problems – there was no connection between the weather and the problems. Caroline is concerned about the “intake” outside the building pulling in cigarette smoke into the lab. People stand right outside and smoke there.
When the power goes out there are no lights. Bernie says that there should be enough light from the hallway to help people exit the rooms – there is concern that there is not. The last power outage (2 months ago) had no back-up lights go on. Leslie will follow up on this.
The Laboratory Management program is up and running. We are in the process of updating the chemical inventories. Most have been loaded and we are still updating the system.

Occupational Health Services office has moved. The new office is across from Christiana Hospital. The address: The Health Care Center
200 Hygeia Drive
Newark, DE 19713
(302) 428-4250.
The official move date is July 1, 2003. Leslie was given the directions to the office.

Updates from Leslie:
1. First Aid Kits
2. Drivers Licenses
3. Lab security disaster plan drill is now on the webpage.
4. Safety glass information is also on the webpage.
5. Chemical storage information also on webpage.
This is available for everyone to access by looking up a chemical on the chart to see the proper way to store it. If a chemical is not listed, please let Leslie know and she will update the system. MSDS does not tell you everything about a chemical, such as “how it is categorized.” Leslie will let everyone know when the system is complete. As always, all comments are welcome.
6. Dial 911 directly now for all emergencies. No longer need to dial 9-911.
7. The Blood Borne Pathogen training is now on the web.
8. Glove posters are coming out. With all information about the safety and proper use of gloves in the labs. Gloves were often thrown in the regular trash and the cleaning people were not comfortable handling them. There was no indication of how the gloves were used and for what. Now the trash cans will be labeled and the gloves will be properly marked.
9. Waste poster is also coming out (solid chemical waste).
Copies of all the posters are available through Leslie. Jerry has ordered 12.
Jerry commented on the Worrilow inspection. It is indicated on the sheet that the guardrails should be 42 inches high and they only measure 29. Leslie will find out the required height and let Jerry know.
This is the last safety meeting of the season.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 PM.

Respectively submitted by Cindy Barnett.