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Fall 2002 September 11, 2002



Attendees:Jerry Hendricks (Chair), Maria Pautler, Robin Elliot (OHS), Kurt Williamson, Yan Jin, David McNear, Leslie York-Hubbard, Cindy Barnett.
Absent: Caroline Golt (excused).

The minutes were taken by Cindy Barnett.

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 PM.

Old Business
Since the walkway from Worrilow and Townsend Hall has been removed, furniture has been ordered. The first floor will have cabinets and coat hooks. The second floor will have a round table and chairs. The area in front of Dr. Sparks’ office will eventually have a waiting room as well. Maria questioned about the sidewalk and it will be fixed but there is no date as of yet.

GFI outlets – everything has been completed.

Robin will check into the Lab Management program to start getting it fully operational.
Also, will be adding a Hazard Class section to the program.

Jerry has sent out notices for the next lab inspections.

All new signs for the labs have a yellow icon on the bottom. Everyone will need to put a flammable sign where it is necessary. Leslie told everyone that new signs have been made, they all have not be put up – but will be in the next couple of weeks

New Business
There have been no accidents to report since the last safety meeting.

The fire drill on July 10 was a success. The only concern was the northwest exit on the first floor of Worrilow Hall. There is not enough clearance outside because of the garden. This should not be used as a fire exit and will be announced.

The following new graduate students have completed student orientation: Travis Frey, Amy Sprinkle, Amy Shober, James Hyde, Kris Paul and Jodie Han.

The following have not: Jane Davey, Louisa Santamaria, Kirsten Staats and 6 Longwood students.

Emails have gone out to the students letting them know of the Web CT option. A user number is required to access this web site. “Right to Know Training” is also now available on this web page as well as 3 other fall classes. These programs contain 6 quizzes and they can be taken any amount of times, but you must get 100% to complete. Improvements are still being discussed to update the system.

The biological inventory was due on 9/10/02 and everyone in the department has completed them on time.

Fire extinguisher training is up for consideration. Jerry will look into this and let everyone know.

Laundry for the lab coats is no longer available. We are looking into other alternatives for this service.

Labs need to generate SOP’s on their own. One should exist for every room that contains materials and the SOP’s should only be used as a guide.

Chemmatch program: this is available for mailing of certain materials/chemicals. It is the most specific and accurate information and should be accessed for all such mailings. There are 3 options on the screen – MSDS, Mini MSDS and MSDS plus. These options are located on the left hand side.

OHS Announcements by Robin Elliott
First aid kits and spill kits are now available on UD Mart. Complete kits will not be replaced, but items in these kits can be replaced, free of charge, when needed to be replaced. Also available on UD Mart is a place to list unused lab equipment so others in the college may wish to have the items instead of disposing of them.

Robin has a first aid video that is available to anyone to borrow; however, you will not receive certification by viewing it.

Lab inspections are completed. Leslie will participate at the trouble spots only. Committee members will inspect in the spring. Graduate students do self-inspections. All inspections need to be done every quarter.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 4, 2002 at 1:00 PM in 156 Townsend Hall.

This meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Barnett