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Fall 2001 October 1, 2001



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks (Chair), Christina Hamilton, Caroline Golt, Maria Pautler, Robin Elliott (OHS) and Cindy Barnett.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

Old Business

Bernie Alexander approved the whole concept of the new furniture. His only request is to have the table bolted to the wall. Shelves and lockers can't stick out in the hall. Greg's replacement is Julie and she is willing to purchase what is needed. Sherry Kitto has a concern about having food items kept in locked spaces. Still open to suggestions for the furniture and Bernie needs to have final approval.

Liquid Nitrogen - tapped in Soil Testing's high-pressure system. Karen Gartley reported that her costs have risen about $10/week. She will charge start billing regular users a monthly fee for the service. There currently are 3 keys: Jerry, Karen and Nancy have them.

Fire Drill - performed on June 26th. Everything went OK. There was only one problem and that was that a group of people on the South end didn't know when to come back into the building and no one was there to let them. Robin suggested that no matter what door one may exit from, we should all meet at the front of the building. It was discussed, but decided to announce that from now on when the bell stops ringing everyone can go back into the building. The next fire drill will be in April, 2002.

GFI outlets in lab - ongoing problem. Some are labeled and some are not. Asked Julie Burton to have Electrical Shop inspect all labs at the same time and have all GFI outlets labeled and installed if necessary. The college will consider paying for this.

Chemical inventory -Rooms 105, 201, and 204 are OK. Room 205 in Worrilow needs to be done.

Right-To-Know training: the laboratory management program will keep track of the training for everyones training.

New Graduate student training: a lot of the students have chosen to "self-train" over the Internet and others are attending training with Robin. Robin will send a list of everyone who has trained with her.

Storage in rooms 302/304 - problems being resolved as move occurs.

Labs 214, 201, 204, 210, 307 WOR and 150 TNS have no spill kits. Christine put one in room 307 and it was properly labeled, but was taken.

Labs 216 and 112 WOR - needles not locked up.

Emergency postings - 307 needs one. Jerry will contact Leslie.

Room 105 Maria has fixed all the pending problems.

Fire extinguishers moved from 112 and 208. Jerry and Maria went into the attic in WOR and noticed one last inspected in Sept. 2000. Jerry will contact Bernie Alexander

GENERAL RULE: Use the fire extinguisher in the halls.

Audit has been completed, though T. Pizzolato still needs to purchase prescription safety glasses, which Dr. Sparks will pay for.


Jerry has sent everyone an excel template of the format for chemical inventories for the new Laboratory Management program. If an inventory has been submitted using this format, it will be imported to the web site, if not, it will have to be entered manually. Cindy has agreed to help with data input and will be designated a Manager for all PLSC labs. This program is still being worked up &endash; but has great possibilities and should be ready to be up and running very soon. A suggestion for this new program is to have Hazardous classes listed as well.

Bird droppings: Facilities installed a metal ledge over the doors on the walkway between Townsend and Worrilow, and steam cleaned bird droppings from the walls. Facilities position remains that the walkway be removed, so is unwilling to invest in major changes.

No accidents have been reported this time.

Amy and Jerry attended a 6 hour training course on shipping biological material. They will be putting together a one hour training course for the secretaries and everyone else who will be mailing such items. Exactly who will be in charge of this is still undecided.

The regulations fall on items such as GMO's, packing with dry ice and anything infectious to animals and people (not plants). Penalties for not packing by standards are up to $27,500 daily.

Room 308, Animal Science has biohazard waste accumulating. Caroline brought to the committees attention that new people don't pay as much attention to how much accumulates in the room and maybe better instruction is needed.

Fall lab inspections are coming up though several summer inspections were not completed. Room 205 WOR has a number of outstanding issues including flammable storage. Leslie inspected a year ago and suggested changes that have not taken placed yet due to finances. Example: Alcohol is on wooden shelved and has to be moved. Committee should inspect for rooms 307 and 205 WOR. Christine will do 307 and Jerry will do 205.

OHS announcements by Robin Elliott

2 incidents were discussed.

A student without safety goggles was standing next to someone working, and was splashed in his eyes with methanol.

Another individual was cleaning glassware with sulfuric acid and it splattered out all over his head and shoulders. He did not use the safety shower and received 2nd degree burns.

Lightening Policy: A system was purchased by public safety including a monitor that tells of upcoming storms. During the opening football game, a storm registered and gave the approximate distance. An announcement was made at the stadium for everyone to take cover at the Bob Carpenter center or under the bleachers. Due to the fact that there was a no re-admittance policy, everyone was blocked at the gates. The re admittance policy will be modified.

Staffing issues: Congratulations to Leslie who recently adopted a baby. She is now working part time for 3 months while deciding if she wants to return full time. Len resigned on Friday, Sept. 28th. The job will be posted soon.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 5 at 11:00 AM.


Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


Respectfully submitted, Cindy Barnett