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Fall 2000 September 20, 2000

Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Chair, Maria Pautler, Stefan Hunger, and Lucille Short. Robin Elliott from OHS

Absent: Caroline Golt, Thomas Evans, Jeffry Fuhrmann (on sabbatical).

The meeting was called to order by Gerald Hendricks at 1:35.

Lab signage is complete except for 208 WOR (Sherrier/Lemieux). The necessary information has been forwarded to OHS so the signs can be prepared.

An ongoing safety concern has been furniture in the hallways of Worrilow Hall. The chairs and other furniture are used for rest/eating areas. The committee suggests that the Dean announce once that the furniture be removed from the hallways of Worrilow. If it is not removed by the deadline, the furniture should be removed by the college and a clean hallway policy should be enforced. The commons area and employee lounge in Townsend offers lunch room space.

It was noted that the removal of the walkways between Townsend and Worrilow will increase elevator usage and that the elevators should be kept in top shape for not only carrying people, but equipment and supplies as well.

The following self-inspections must still be done: 110 (Soil Testing); 112 (PLSC Lab); 201/204 (Evans/Carroll); and 214/215 (Kitto/Frett).

Audit Process: The August/September safety poster focused on Accident Reporting which was a weak link for the department.

The following lab inspection assignments were made to follow up on open items listed on the audit:

WOR 104; WOR 112

Maria Pautler

WOR 110; WOR 125

Stephan Hunger

Chair and CHO interview; WOR 201; Pizzolato interview

Jerry Hendricks

WOR 212; WOR 216; Jin interview

Caroline Golt

WOR 302; Radosevich and Shapiro Interview

Thomas Evans

Kitto Interview


Each person should report the status of their respective labs to Jerry Hendricks via e-mail.

The department Safety Committee web page address is now:

No accidents have been reported since the last meeting.

Fire Drill/Building Safety Inspection: It was previously suggested that the responsibility for these items be done on a rotation basis between the departments. Jerry Hendricks will follow up with Bill Ritter to get the process started.

Robin's announcements from OHS:

Graduate Safety Training: It was emphasized that ALL new graduate students MUST have safety training provided by OHS. To date, noone from the department has taken this training.

WEB pages: Kelly has developed and posted on the web page some new SOP's.

WEB site is being revised. Please review it and communicate any problems finding pages or navigating it.

Trash Incidents: There have been several more incidents involving improper disposal of chemicals. Please be aware of proper disposal procedures and follow them carefully.

Search for Position of Chemical Hygiene Officer: This is progressing well and the position should be filled quickly.

New Employee Orientation: Richie Holland has expanded this orientation to one full day. Safety has been allotted a time slot during this program.

Accident Reporting: Overall accident reporting is up. The reporting allows problem areas to be identified and corrected. An emphasis must be placed on safety training for Miscellaneous Wage employees.

Lightning Policy: A preliminary plan has been developed. Hand held devices for detecting lightning were originally recommended. The Risk Management Committee suggested a computer software device which detects lightning more accurately. This suggestion will be explored before the policy is finalized.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 6, at 1:30 PM, in the PLSC conference room.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucille Short