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Summer 99 June 9, 1999

Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Alan Shapiro, Mark Radosevich, Caroline Golt and Robin Elliott.

Absent: Stacy Dean.

The meeting was called to order by Gerald Hendricks at 1:10.

Order of Discussion:

Old Business

1. Jerry reported that a Fire Drill was held for Townsend and Worrilow Halls on March 11. An email message had been sent to AG-ALL prior to the drill to minimize research interruptions. Both buildings were successfully evacuated, although several occupants had to be convinced to leave.

2. Jerry reported that the Poster of the Month program has continued with topics of Eye Protection, What's New and Ergonomics. Copies have also been added to the web page. A number of favorable comments have been received, some from unexpected sources such as the Longwood Program and Ag Communications, who are not normally involved in lab safety issues. Several of the posters have been defaced or removed. A follow up with the custodians confirmed that permission was granted to place the posters in bathrooms. After some discussion, it was agreed to continue with the program and to monitor it's effectiveness. Future topic suggestions were made for gas cylinders and proper lab attire.

3. There were no incidents or accidents to report.

New Business

4. Spring lab inspections are to be made by by committee members.

ACTION ITEM: Each committee member is to inspect three labs by June 30.

5. Jeff Fuhrmann has requested for an SOP for Mercury. Kelly Morgan has agreed to write one

6. Robin made several announcements.

  • There is an additional option for Right-to-Know training. George Whitmyre in Chemical Engineering has created and posted his videotape of laboratory safety training on his department web site.
  • EPA has been targeting colleges and universities in New England for inspection of hazardous waste management. The University of New Hampshire will receive a complaint from EPA that could result in fines of up to $300,000. Boston University and MIT have reported inspections as well.
  • A new program for the use of Open Flames on campus. has been approved Details can be found on the DOHS site under the Fire Safety section. The procedure does not cover laboratory uses such as Bunsen burners.
  • An unidentified package sent from the Mideast was recently received on campus and the suspicious recipient notified the CIA. The package proved to be harmless. In such cases, Public Safety should be notified first .
  • Risk Management Advisory Council has proposed an auditing program to begin next year. Departments will be audited for safety compliance if they are experiencing incidents that indicate a failure of one or more safety programs, or if they have not submitted documentation to show that their safety programs are up to the University standard as set by the University safety policies.
  • Standardized lab signs are ready to be produced. DOHS needs to know what hazard designations to include for each lab.

    ACTION ITEM: During the spring lab inspections, each inspector will document hazards of each lab, which will then be submitted to DOHS

The next meeting will be held on March 3 at 1:00.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30.