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Summer 98 May 12, 1998

Present: Daryl Whittington, Caroline Golt, Mark Radosevich, Sherry Kitto, Janet Shirey, and Robin Elliott

Absent: Jerry Hendricks

Old Business:

Air quality problems (particulate matter) in Worrilow Hall was recently checked after further complaint. Some labs where problems still existed had the duct work cleaned and the situation has since improved. Dr. Kitto suggested that dated, clean sheets of white paper placed on bench surfaces are helpful to monitor the frequency of particulate matter accumulation.

Robin Elliott asked why furniture (file cabinets, tables, etc.) were being placed in hallways of Worrilow Hall. Lack of common lab space due to recent lab renovations and in preparation of Townsend Hall renovations, etc. were given as the most likely reasons.

Daryl Whittington asked for committee feedback regarding the spring committee laboratory inspection. All labs except TNS 160 (Caroline Golt's lab) were inspected. Townsend Hall 160 was not inspected due to closure of lab in preparation for move to Worrilow Hall.

Mark Radosevich reported that the chemical fume hood in WOR 307 has been installed and inspected and ready for operation.

Daryl Whittington asked about the status of chemical inventories within the Department being placed on line. Mr. Hendricks was not present to inform committee, but Ms. Elliott reported new updates to the DOHS Web chemical inventory for the University. These inventories can be made to be lab, departmental, or University blocked so that access is denied on several levels. Ms. Elliott reported that most labs are not up-to-date on their respective chemical inventories. She went on to report that the University Chemical Hygiene Officer was responsible for signing off on all dangerous chemicals required for research purposes.

Daryl Whittington then asked about any relevant information concerning the upcoming Townsend Hall renovation to begin in June. Ms. Golt reported that the ethanol storage facility currently located in TNS 160 will be moved to WOR 121.

Ms. Elliott made the following announcements:

Dr. Roselle has signed off on required training for graduate students.

Ms. Kelly Morgan has made available on the University's Web page, a form for chemical redistribution within the University.

There were a couple of accidents involving students in Chemistry where upon taking the students to Student Health Services, the health care providers had asked for MSDS for the chemicals involved be sent with the ambulance.

The DOHS's Web page now recognizes Safety Committee's that deserve special recognition for work done.

There will be training available for tick diseases.

Daryl Whittington announced the members for 1998-1999's departmental safety and radiation committee. They are: Jerry Hendricks (Chair), Caroline Golt, Mark Radosevich, Allan Shapiro and Stacey Dean.