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Summer 97 April 15, 1997

Present: Daryl Whittington, Caroline Golt, Mark Radosevich, Sherry Kitto, Amy Brennan, Robin Elliott, and Kelly Morgan.

Ms. Kelly Morgan, the new Chemical Hygiene Officer for the University DOHS, was introduced by Ms. Elliott.

Committee lab inspections were discussed. Committee members were asked to choose 2 labs, other than their own, to inspect. Each committee member will be responsible for contacting the respective faculty member/professional in charge of the lab to arrange the inspection. Labs should be inspected within the next 2 weeks. Ms. Morgan asked that she be included in the inspection process whenever possible. She may be contacted at extension x3123. The following labs will be inspected by the indicated committee member: Carroll/Evans/Morehart and Frick/Pill (Jerry Hendricks), Frett/Kitto and Golt (Amy Brennan), Fuhrmann/Radosevich/Vasilas and Sparks (Daryl Whittington), Hawk and Mulrooney (Mark Radosevich), Pizzolato and Gartley (Caroline Golt), and Jin and Sims (Sherry Kitto). Mr. Whittington asked about the significance of the General Safety-Fire-Security Survey Checklist that had been sent earlier. Ms. Elliott suggested that it be discussed with the other department safety committee chairs and each building be inspected only once. Other discussions centered on lack of participation by some faculty members/professionals who have failed to self-inspect their own labs. It was suggested that a memo be sent that reminded these individuals that copies of the annual report is sent to Dr. Nye, Dean and to Dr. Sparks, Chair.

Ms. Elliott distributed a Reference Guide for the University Department of Occupational Health and Safety as well as a notepad for each committee member.

Mr. Radosevich reported to the committee that Worrilow 307 has been measured for placement of a small chemical fume hood. An estimate will prepared for the hood's installation.

Ms. Elliott asked about the designation of a flammables storage area for the renovation plans in Townsend Hall. It is thought that space will be allotted, but are unsure of how the space will be managed and by whom. Ms. Golt's lab will be relocated to Worrilow Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.