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Summer 2010 June 9, 2010



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Rodney Dempsey, Vidhya Raman, Randy Wisser, Kathleen Turner
MIssing : Karen Gartley

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am

Old Business:

Spring lab inspections

112 Worrilow - with Caroline Golt

  • Chemical inventory not in EHSA - Caroline is still working on it
  • JHA -procedures for ICP and TGA submitted, still need one for FTIR

216 Worrilow - with Kyungsoo Yoo

  • Fume hood not working - has been repaired
  • Refrigerator not working and needs to be disposed

302/306 Worrilow - with Kun Huang, Sridhara Kunjeti, Vidya Raman

  • JHA needed
  • Training expired
  • Need refrigerator lables - provided
  • Chemical waste improperly stored

304 E Worrilow - with Megan Patzoldt

  • Emergency posting missing - completed
  • Chemical inventory in EHSA - completed
  • Biological inventory in EHSA - none yet, but coming this summer
  • MSDS's on hand - completed
  • JHA - working on
  • Training - partially completed, still need Biosafety training
  • Refrigerator labels - completed
  • Chemical waste lables needed - completed

Greenhouses - with Bill Bartz

  • Chemical & Biological inventory on paper but no access to EHSA yet - Bill has been added and chemical invenory has been loaded
  • GFI needed at headhouse sink - outlet will be removed
  • Refrigerator lables needed - completed
  • Excess chemical waste - removed

105 Worrilow - with Maria Pautler

  • no issues

201/204 Worrilow - with Nancy Gregory

  • Need SOP for Toluene

205 Worrilow - with Nancy Gregory

  • Stained ceiling tiles - reported to Fixit

Wilson Farmhouse

  • Fire doors inhibited by wedge (also noted on Fire Drill report) - ocupants have been informed and labels requested
  • No evacuation plan posted - EHS aware, but not a high priority
  • Ruts in lawn present tripping hazard - Mike Popvich has repaired them
  • Hole in soffitt and missing corbel - reported to Jenny McDermott
  • Large maple in front needs evaluation and possible removel - also reported to Jenny (storm brought down top half and the rest was cut down)

Worrilow Hall

  • Emergy eyewash/showers not inspected - reported to Kevin

208 Worrilow

  • Unused gas cylinders - send back to supplier
  • Face shields unavailable - purchased

210 Worrilow

  • Too much dust in lab -long standing building wide issue

214/215 Worrilow

  • No hot water in one sink - reported to Fixit and repaired


150 Townsend

  • Chemical inventory not in EHSA
  • Mercury thermometer in oven - looking for replacement

Townsend Hall

  • No automatic door openers on North side entrance - that door allows flooding to basement floor and may be blocked
  • Route from parking lot to North side entrance not in great shape

108/110 Worrilow

  • Donna needs hazardous waste training
  • Unprotected moving part on grinder - slated to be replaced

119/125 Worrilow

  • Training expired for Pill, but he is retiring
  • Excess nitrogen gas tank - to be sent back to supplier

308 Worrilow

  • Lab unlocked and unattended - by design, common use room for autoclave
  • Fume hood exhaust may be too low - report to Fixit


Reports not submitted.

New Business:

Fire drill conducted June 3. In Wilson Farmhouse, the fire doors were propped open, and occupants were instructed to keep them closed. In Worrilow Hall, one student had to asked to evacuate. In Souuth Greenhouse an old fire extinguisher was removed, and one in the grad student office will be relocated to headhouse. No issues in Townsend Hall.

One accident reported and investigted. Summary attached.

Yan Jin submitted an SOP for nanoparticles.

EHS will be conducting lab inspections in August.

Training sessions by EHS in both fire extinguisher use and waste handling was requested.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45