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Summer 2009 June 17, 2009



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Bill Bartz, Matt Ginder-Vogel, Nicole Donofrio, Robin Elliot
Excused: Sue Wooler
MIssing : Dimin Fan, Kate Murray

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am

Old Business:
Outstanding lab inspection items:

151 TNS, 201, 204, 205 WOR Bob Mulrooney & Nancy Gregory training expired:
Follow up - Nicole (Gregory completed 6/29)
150 TNS - add chem inventory to EHSA:
Follow up - Jerry (Elaine Eiker started, but has retired)

Outstanding inventories for Emergency Operations Plan:

Sherry Kitto’s Lab - Nicole Donofrio
Conference Room 156 Yan Jin’s Office & Lab - Dimin Fan
John Frett’s Office - Sue Wooler
Greg Binford’s Office - Sue Wooler
Kungsoo You - lab and office - Nicole Donofrio
Pill and Vasilas lab - Kate Murray

Please complete by September 1.

New Business:

A recommendation from our Emergency Operations Plan is to implement an offsite computer backup system. It had been partially fulfilled with the Chair and secretaries having weekly backups to a server in the Allen Lab. It is now being expanded to cover all faculty. The IT group is slowly configuring faculty computers, but individuals can request quicker implementation.

Spring lab inspection deficiencies found, checked items have been addressed:

101/104 WOR - Dimin Fan
X Hot surfaces need labels
X Excess quantity of chemical waste
X Gas regulators need inspection (misinterpretation of requirement)

105 WOR - Kate Murray

108/110 WOR - Matt Ginder-Vogel
X Refrigerator needs labels
X Grinder needs shields moved
X Temperature fluctuation (noted, but no remedy available)

112 WOR - Jerry Hendricks
Chemical inventory added to EHSA (Caroline has started process)
X Lab doors open (public lab, so will remain so)
X Temperature fluctuation (as above)
X Fume hood cluttered with temporary Bio waste storage

125 WOR - Kate Murray
Lab lighting insufficient

201/204 WOR - Nicole Donofrio
X JHA for grinder submitted
X Temperature too hot in both labs (as already noted, a building wide concern)

205 WOR - Nicole Donofrio
Chemical inventory currently combined with 201/204, will place hard copy in lab
Compressed gasses may be unnecessary (sent a message to ANFS)

208 WOR - Bill Bartz
X No GFI outlets (not true, entire building is compliant)
X Potable water protection (misinterpretation of requirement)
X No fire extinguisher in lab (not required or recommended)
X Gas cylinder regulator not inspected or labeled (misinterpretation of requirement)

210 WOR - Kate Murray
X No GFI outlets (not true, entire building is compliant)
Dust in lab (ongoing building problem)

212 WOR - Dimin Fan

214/215 WOR - Nicole Donofrio
Two ceiling tiles damaged
No hot water in 215
Safety indicator in 214 needs a test run to Public Safety

216 WOR - Jerry Hendricks
Training expired for Chen , Ji and Yoo

302 WOR - Matt Ginder-Vogel
Not completed

306 WOR - Bill Bartz

150 TNS - Nicole Donofrio

151 TNS - Jerry Hendricks
Chemical inventory to be added to EHSA
Mulrooney and Gregory training expired (Gregory completed 6/29)

Worillow Hall - Jerry Hendricks
Spill control material required for loading area (met with Leslie who will recommend material)
X Trash accumulated in dumpster area (John drained Freon from fridge, movers removed fridge, pallets and chair)
X Floor tiles buckling in front of 111 ( reported to Fixit and repaired next day!)
X Stairways used for storage (removed)

Townsend Hall - Nicole Donofrio
Chipped stairs on entrance to 132 TNS
No spill control material

Greenhouses - Dimin Fan
No sprinkler or detector in 102 FGH
Auto front door in FGH not working
Exit light battery dead
No evacuation plan posted

Wilson Farmhouse - Matt Ginder-Vogel
Not completed

Fire drill scheduled for Friday, June 19 at 1:00, could use 1 or 2 volunteers.

DOHS Announcements:

A Green Labs initiative is being led by Klaus Theopold.

OHS has changed it's name to Environmental Health and Safety.

HR is trying to identify training requirements by position.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m. 

Next meeting will be September 9, 2009.