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Fall 2008 September 10, 2008



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Bill Bartz, Matt Ginder-Vogel & Fairfax, Robin Elliott, Krista Murray, Dimin Fan, Sue Wooler

Not Present: Nicole Donofrio

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am

Jerry welcomed new committee members and breifly explaned the duties and expectations.

Old Business:
Access to the Worrilow utility closets was further persued, but since a plan is being developed for a renovation, no further modifications will be made at this time.

New Business:
Committee normally performs 2 inspections per year, spring and fall. DOHS would like to visit each lab once a year, and Krista Murray performed inspections this past quarter. Some had already been performed by committe members.
Deficiency summary:
101 /104 Worrilow:
Expired Training: Zhu - Biosafety
Ginder-Vogel and Khaokaew - Chem Waste &RTK
Parikh - Chem Waste
Siebecker - New Grad (completed)
Clay nano particle JHA needed -assigned to Ginder-Vogel
Hot surface label needed

105 WOR: Reagents improperly labeled (completed)

108 / 110 WOR: OK

112 WOR: Solid waste box must include start date on label

125 WOR: Solid waste box must include start date on label

201 / 204 WOR: JHA for drill press needed

205 WOR: Dispose of Toluene and Formaldyhyde
New cabinet for storage of ammonium hydroxide needed
RTK/CHP training expired

212 WOR: OK

214 / 215 WOR: 215 has no emergency lights - get plug in flash light Dispose of mercury thermomathers

216 WOR: excess conbustibles near hot surface
Liquid chemical waste needs to be in secondary container

302 WOR: Solid waste box must include start date on label

306 WOR: Spill kit neede
Sink has crack, reported to Fixit

150 TNS: Add chemical inventory to EHS Assistant
Needs hot surface label

151 TNS: JHA for grinder in progress (completed)

Worrilow Hall: Spill containment unit needed in loading docks, Leslie (DOHS) suggested to contain spill keep from going into drain.
Continuing air quality concerns, additional testing has been done. Final report will be issued soon.

Wilson Farm House: No ADA automatic door to building. Robin said to check with ADA Coordinator about rerquirement.
Fire doors not automated (fire doors kept closed).
Cardboardarounf dumpster not picked up on a timely basis - check with Jenny.
Storage needed for garden supplies which are currently sitting on porch. Check with Jenny about using old Entomolgy shed.
Air condition leaking - report to Fixit.
BUgs in light fixtures - report to Fixit.
Third floor stair well window latch broken - report to Fixit.

Greenhouses: Chemicals in 112 need labels and cabinet needs to be reorganized (completed)

CANR Emergeny Operations Coordinators met on July 21. Marci Nickle explained process and noted deadline for completion is end of year.

Right to know training for Fall semester. Following classes registered:
PLSC 101 Botany, 7 sections
PLSC 313 Turf
PLSC 205 Intro to Soil Science
PLSC 426 Intro to the Fungi

John Frett received about 75 emails with concerns about access. from his Botany students, service either busy, as well as problems with proxie server from both off campus and from dorms. - Reported to Kevin.

One incident - Harsh Bais hit by falling greenhouse door mullion

DOHS Announcements:
Robin Elliott encouraged all labs to keep EHSA updated.
New grad students are being notified about the required Grad Student training, and a number are taking Dry Ice Shipment training unnecessarily.
New hire, Linda Ward will conduct Lazer Safety time, and report to Joe Miller the other half.
New VP for health and public safety being recruited.
Upcoming events - Sustainablilty Day, Energy Institute launching and Energy Fair.
Enterprise Risk Management Task Force formed.
October is Eye Injury Prevention Month.

Other discussiions:
Cross walk at S. College and Park Place South(Northwest Corner) the pedestrians signal is not working- report to Public Safety.
Jerry noted that it is difficult to get a current list of departmental grad students. Robin will ask Mary Martin if she can supply lists to departments.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 p.m. 

Next meeting will be December 10.

Submitted by Sue Wooler