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Spring 2007 March 14, 2007



Attendees: Kevin Eichinger, Jerry Hendricks, Kyungsoo Yoo, Masayuki Shimizu, Liping Zhang, Kathy Fleischut

Not Present: Not present:  Bob Mulrooney, Cathy Olsen

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m.
Old Business

Will dispense with old business, but note outstanding lab items for inspection.

New Business

Lab inspections

DOHS will try to get to each lab 1/yr. We have 19 labs, so about 5/quarter. This quarter, the committee will conduct the remainder as follows:

Kevin Eichinger

Old Greenhouse
101 & 104WOR  (Sparks)
105WOR (Pautler)
108 & 110WOR (Soil Testing)

Jerry Hendricks

Townsend Hall
Fisher Greenhouse

Kyungsoo Yoo

205WOR (Teaching Lab – Gregory)
302WOR (Donofrio/Fuhrman)

Masayuki Shimizu

Wilson Farmhouse
201 & 204WOR (Evans/Gregory)
216WOR (Yoo)

Liping Zhang

125WOR (Golt)
212WOR (Sims)

Cathy Olsen

Worrilow Hall
151TNS (Mulrooney/Gregory)

Bob Mulrooney

214 & 215WOR (Kitto/Frett)
306 & 307WOR (Golt)
150WOR Pizzolato

Things to keep in mind while doing lab inspections:

1) Check minutes for outstanding items
2)  Ask that all training records be kept in lab. 
3)  Job hazards analysis.  Ask if there is a hazardous operation unique in that lab that others don’t have.  Itemize the protocol to describe every step of an operation, list what can go wrong, and explain how to precvent it.

Right To Know Training:
Four courses were registered this semester for WebCT training.  Three had near perfect compliance, PLSC 303 Intro to Plant Pathology, PLSC 305 Soil Fertility and PLSC 419 Soil Microbiology. PLSC 201 Botany is an unknown since intructor refuses to collected completed forms.

Workplace chemical list was submitted.

EHS is up and running.  Those labs using Laboratory Management have had their chemical inventories transfered. We should schedule a training in a room with computer access and a LCD screen.  Invite the entire faculty.  This can be done more than once.
Next week may be a possibility (Spring Break).

JHA completed for alcohol lamps.

No accidents to report.  

Lyme Disease Training was held on March 19.  There were 9 participants from Newark and 19 from Georgetown through ITV.

Spring Fire Drill will be held some time in April.

Announcements by Kevin Eichenger:

  1. The Chemical Hygiene Committee has provided a draft form for the policy of minors around hazardous materials in laboratories.  This form should be forwarded to everyone for comments.  Kevin to email it to Jerry.
  1. New Policy 7-50.  This comes from Robin.  A responsible person needs to be assigned to a lab when a someone is on sabbatical, vacation, or using sick time.  This can be an employee, faculty member or a safety committee person.  An undergraduate is not acceptable.   This will be reported to Jerry and the Chairman.
  1. Solid Hazardous Waste Container Instructions are available and handed out at the meeting.  Contact Murry for these boxes.
  1. Disaster Plan – No work has been done by the PLSC Department.
  1. Regarding Lab Inspections:  A lab cannot do their own repairs.  Contact Electrical Services.  Another college recently did their own repairs.  When Electrical Services checked the work it was improperly done and a fire could have happened in over 100 buildings on campus because of the improper repairs.


Meeting was adjourned by 2:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Fleishut