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Spring 2006 March 15, 2006



Attendees: Karen Gartley, Sue Wooler, Jerry Hendricks, Krista Murray, Tom Pizzolato, Brandon Lafferty.

Not Present: Teresa Holton, Jen Gilbert and Greg Binford.
The minutes were taken by Sue Wooler.

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 AM.

Old Business:

All chemical fume hoods and the perchloric acid hood in 110 Worrilow have been repaired.

Flammables in the Greenhouse have been removed.

New Business:

Spring Lab Inspections – the committee will inspect 18 labs and 4 buildings  (each committee member each get about four). Tom Sims has recently conducted a survey noting the outdtanding issues in Worrilow, and needs a followup and confirmation of known problems. Please make that a priority during the lab inspections. There are several outstanding Toxic Surveys which are attached to the lab inspection forms. Please have them completed as well.
Previous building issues have not been consistently reported to Ag Administration. Dr. Sims suggests adding a CC on the Fixit Form.

RTK Training through Web CT– 4  classes were registered this semester, PLSC 201, 303, 305, and 404. Received completed forms from 305 students. Jerry unable to check status on WebCT, because no longer listed as an instructor. Krista noted that a change in the system had made adding TA's difficult, but she would check into it.
Tom Pizzaloto feels it should not be the faculty’s responsibility to collect RTK forms. 

One incident during last period – hurt shoulder while taking soil samples. Will follow up with doctor.  

Fire Drill in April - four buildings, volunteers needed
Marvin Clark @ Public Safety is new contact person for Fire Drills.

Jerry made request to move into electronic Palm style inspection system. Stopped posting inspections on web page until a more efficient system is devised.

Krista Murray announcements:

Staff changes in OHS: Ann Woodall has become Senior Secretary since Donna Bowmen’s retirement.
Bernie Alexander is out on disability.

Robin sent out email regarding accidents reports, they are all together and on one page.

Investigation form – recommends review by Supervisor and by Safety Committee. Missing information can be revisited.

EHS System has been purchased – web base inventory system able to track all aspects of traig and compliance.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.
Next meeting on June 14th at 1:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Wooler