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Spring 2004 April 29, 2004



Attendees: Ted Peltier, Robin Elliott, Teresa Holton, Caroline Golt, Maria Pautler, Cindy Barnett and Jerry Hendricks.

The minutes were taken by Cindy Barnett.

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM.


Outstanding Items:
All are in process of being completed. The Emergency Cards in Entomology are being ordered by Dr. Cliff Keil. Room 304 – the no-exit sign up has been posted in the doorway but the door stopper still needs to be removed.
The storage cabinet is still located downstairs in TNS Hall and Dr. Keil will be moving it. The ceiling tile outside the library has been fixed. Room 204 Worrilow still needs a phone installed. The phone number will be the same for room 204 & 201.

We have 2 new graduate students in PLSC and they have completed the Web CT Right-To-Know training. There is only one graduate student who has not completed this training.
Theresa Holton, manger of the greenhouse, has made a list with all the necessary repairs necessary for the old greenhouse. She presented this list to Dr. Tom Sims, who in turn, presented it to the faculty during the last meeting and a decision is pending as to “what to do”. The Fisher Greenhouse also needs some repairs.
Security cameras – Larry Thornton is working with Purchasing to standardize and obtain a contract.
There has been nothing but positive feedback from the 3 classes that used WebCT Right-To-Know training this semester. Unfortunately Terry Lineback will no longer be working in the Safety Department as of Monday. She was in charge of handling all the Right-To-Know classes/files.
Toby Pierce is working on a system to back-up all the departmental files.

Assignment of Spring Lab Inspections:
101 & 104 assigned to Leslie
105 assigned to Ted
108 & 110 assigned to Caroline
112 assigned to Maria
125 assigned to Dr. Frett
201 & 204 assigned to Caroline
205 assigned to Teresa
208 assigned to Leslie
210 assigned to Jerry
assigned to Kristin Paul
214 & 215 assigned to Dr. Pill
302 assigned to Maria
304 assigned to Maria
306 – no assignment
307 assigned to Kris

149/150 to Dr. Pill

Townsend Hall to Teresa
Worrilow Hall to Maria
Fisher Greeenhouse to Jerry
Wilson Farmhouse to Ted

These inspections need to be done in a timely fashion.
Please note while doing the inspections, pay close attention to the air quality problem and the JHA (Job Hazardous Analysis) forms. Jerry will supply the JHA forms. If there is a SOP on the web an additional JHA is not required.
A fire drill is schedule for May 5, 2004 at 9:00 AM for all 4 buildings: Worrilow, Townsend, the Farmhouse and the Greenhouse. If you would like to assist please meet at the elevators in Worrilow Hall at 9:00 AM.

Announced that there is an audit of the university biosafety program tomorrow.
Occupational Health & Safety is receiving an award of honor for
- safety program
- evacuation plan.
They will receive these in July, 2004.
Kevin has developed a general waste poster and it can be viewed on the web soon.
There will be no water sampling/testing.
The Occupational Heath & Safety team is responsible to identify a problem, investigate it and respond. It is Facilities job to arrange for an outside contractor to fix the problem.
The Occupation Health & Safety team is undergoing some changes in job responsibilities.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 PM.

Respectively submitted by Cindy Barnett.