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Spring 2003 March 19, 2003



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks (chair), Maria Pautler, Caroline Golt, David McNear, Cindy Barnett and Robin Elliott (OHS) & Leslie York-Hubbard.

Old Business
Lab signs are up. Lab 212 WOR sign needs to be reprinted, 203 WOR still needs a holder. Room 119 in Worrilow is a closet that is currently being used by Hugh Frick. There are no chemicals being stored so no sign is needed.

There have been no accidents reported.

Online safety certification: still being updated. Robin suggested that the students print out the quiz page to eleviate students just printing out the certificates. Also suggested were a course number, advisor and distribution line.

New Business
Spring Lab Inspections: guidelines were handed out. Look for
1. if people have been trained in the past year and if not give them the form to bring them up-to-date.
2. New graduate student orientation – Jerry handed out the list.
3. Chemical Inventory (submit once a year electronically).
4. Job Hazard Analysis – Jerry handed out.
Lab Assignments:
Caroline Golt – Labs 101/104, 205, 304, 306 Worrilow.
Dave McNear- 105, 214 /215, 307 Worrilow.
Cindy Barnett – Soil Testing lab.
Bob Carroll – 216 Worrilow, 150 and 151 Townsend.
Maria Pautler – 201/204, 302 Worrilow.
Jerry Hendricks – 112 Worrilow.
Building Inspection Townsend Hall – Maria & Cindy. Worrilow – Jerry. Farmhouse – Dave.
Leslie York-Hubbard – 125, 210, 212 Worrilow.

Emergency Operations Plan
Jerry has prioritized. We will need to schedule a drill in the future. Everyone will be assigned a task to completed. Specific directions will need to be written up and prepared. We will also need to assign back-up for the task (in case they are absent).
Jerry and Amy are working on a telephone tree. Robin suggested making cards (wallet). The graduate students will need to be contacted by their professor.

New Safety Committee: Jerry will find out who has been assigned to the new safety committee.

Driver License Verification Month – Dot Milsom is in charge. Robin informed us of a new law regarding children and child seats. It is now 60 pounds or under 6 years of age.

Blood Borne Pathogen Training is now available.

When receiving any chemicals and you have to sign a form – beware. Let someone on the safety committee know. A student had signed for a chemical and he didn’t purchase it. These purchases need to be more overseen and controlled. A committee will be formed, called the Chemical Hygiene committee and they will be in charge of overseeing these purchases.

A student was washing glassware that was containimated with acetone. The student didn’t have gloves on and he felt a tingle in his hands. He immediately washed them and put on a gel and went to the hospital. The student was trained properly and followed the procedure (except for not having the proper gloves on). Some faculty members felt that he overreacted. This is an ongoing problem and we need to stress the urgency for taking proper care when working with chemicals and the treatments that are in place for contact with chemicals are needed and not an over reaction.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30

Cindy Barnett