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Summer 2001 June 20, 2001



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks (Chair), Thomas Evans, Jeff Fuhrman, Christina Hamilton, Caroline Golt, Maria Pautler, Robin Elliott (OHS), and Cindy Barnett.

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 PM.

Introductions were made of new/replacement committee members and existing members thanked for their service.

Old Business

Worrilow Furniture - tables were not ordered when the chairs were. Robin will follow-up by the end of the week with Bernie Alexander (Fire Safety Officer) concerning shelves and lockers. Will resubmit request to Robin Morgan after July 1st.

Liquid Nitrogen - tried low pressure system but was not cost effective and tank was sent back. Soil Testing will allow us to "tap into" their high pressure system located in hutch adjacent to Worrilow. The procedure is similar, but training will be required before use. A Job Hazard Analysis is being written and will be posted with a log so Soil Testing can charge for the use.

Fire Drill - trying to schedule a drill by June 30th.

Lab Inspections were completed by the committee. Lab 205 WOR was not inspected by the committee. In general all labs need to identify GFI outlets with stickers. Labs 208 and 104 WOR, during renovations, had GFI's put in at the front of each bench thus making all outlets GFI's. They have all been properly marked. All others need to be identified.

Lab 105 - no chemical inventory. Maria has taken over the responsibility of this lab. No chemical inventory was submitted for labs 201, 204 and 205 WOR. This needs to be done annually.

More faculty staff needs to attend "Right to Know" training. To date, only half the staff has. Lacking graduate student orientation. Jerry would like to be informed on this from DOHS.

Job Hazardous Analysis: Chemical storage problems were noted in labs 304, 216 WOR (taken care of) and in lab 302 WOR flammables were not in flammable cabinet.

Emergency postings needed for labs 105 (Maria will do) and 307 WOR. Need to send Leslie York-Hubbard what hazards are in lab 307.

Electrical Problems: Lab 105 WOR outlets are taped over (don't work). Requests for service have been sent. Lab 150 TNS needs power strip on both sides (currently only has one side).

Waste Management: Lab 105 WOR has no secondary waste containers. Also has old/unlabeled chemicals.

Labs 214, 201, 204, 210, 307 WOR and 150 TNS have no spill kits.

Labs 216 and 112 WOR - needles not locked up.

Temperature complaints throughout all the labs have been noted.

Fire extinguisher in lab 112 WOR has not been inspected since 1998. All fire extinguishers need to be inspected monthly. Robin will take the extinguishers from lab 112 and 208 WOR.

GENERAL RULE: Use the fire extinguisher in the halls.

Audit has been started, but not completed.

- training

- T. Pizzolato needs to purchase prescription safety glasses.


Jerry and Cindy will start using the lab management program.

Bird droppings on walkway between Townsend and Worrilow. Facilities will put ledges over the doors - per Mark Golden. Cleaning will be done once a year.

Greenhouse accidents:

1. T. Holton - cut finger

2. C. Bradley - injured while carrying 50 lb potting soil bags.

3. S. Maguire - Robin will give Jerry a copy of this accident.

Summer Inspection notices will go out soon.

OHS Announcements by Robin Elliott

Flammable cabinets need to be ordered for lab 205.

Ergonomics is trying to recruit a Physical Therapist to come and visit.

New "inspection instruction" tags are in.

Eyewash and showers are inspected twice a year. Each lab should inspect their eyewash weekly.

Expand AED use. Current goal is to get AED to a person within 3 minutes. Also have an AED in each building. Currently working on developing a program to train individuals with AED use.

Discussed space heaters and lightening storm policies.

A committee has been formed to develop a disaster plan. Discussed how to save information (ex. fireproof box, downloading information to mainframe)

During the Facilities Safety Meeting this morning 2 incidents were discussed and important to pass on:

Something you never think will never happen - but does. A summer worker, not wearing safety glasses, was using a screwdriver and driving screws into sheet metal when the screwdriver slipped and caught him right above his eye. Leaving him needing stitches.

Accident investigations are very important. While investigating an accident where someone hurt their back pulling out a fence post, the investigators found equipment that would have done that work instead.

Also, the incident at Dartmouth College will be further discussed in an upcoming meeting in September.

Transporting chemicals in vehicles is still a problem.


Meeting adjourned at 2:06 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Cindy Barnett