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Spring 99 March 4 , 1999

Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Alan Shapiro, Mark Radosevich, Caroline Golt, Stacy Dean and Robin Elliott.

The meeting was called to order by Gerald Hendricks at 1:05.

Order of Discussion:

Old Business

1. Jerry reported that a Fire Drill for Townsend and Worrilow Halls has been scheduled for March 11 at 11:00 a.m. The Trailers are not included since drills have been conducted there recently. Discussions were held as to whether occupants should be informed prior to the drill. It was decided that since lab experiments could be disrupted, that a notice would be appreciated.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed to email PLSC-All concerning the fire drill.

2. Jerry reported on the Poster of the Month program. The first poster was hung in January in each bathroom of Townsend and Worrilow Halls, and in the Fisher Greenhouse. January's Poster addressed "Sharp and Piercing Object Disposal Procedures", February's was "Chemical Container Disposal Guide", and March's is "Practice Proper Ergonomics". We have received a number of compliments about the posters, and no complaints. We will continue for another three months. Future topics could address Eye Protection, Food In Labs, and Gas Cylinders. Alan suggested a monthly mailing be distributed explained appropriate regulations affecting labs. After a brief discussion, it was agreed to continue with the poster program and to evaluate it's effectiveness.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry will continue to create posters and Caroline and Jerry will hang posters at the beginning of each month.

New Business

3. Another improper trash disposal incident occurred in the College. This time a number of small centrifuge tubes, unwashed chemical bottles and tips were found in a sealed box in the dumpster. The box was retrieved from the dumpster by a trash collector. Proper disposal procedures were explained to the the responsible party. The trash collector was instructed to report future improprieties to OHS but to refrain from removing items from the dumpster.

4. One accident was reported involving a student who was pricked with a hypodermic syringe. There was a concern of heavy metal contamination, so a medical evaluation was performed at Christiana Care Occupational Health Services. A blood test showed only background levels. Discussion was held with the lab involved concerning proper storage of syringes.

5. Notices of Winter self lab inspections have been distributed. Mentioned was new items on list concerning Year 2000 compliance and SOP's. A link has been added to our web page to Y2K information. A discussion was held concerning the possible effects in our labs. We are not aware of any computer controlled experiments in our department that may be interrupted. Kelly were perform inspections for 125, 212 and 214 WOR. The committee will perform the Spring inspections.

5. Robin made several announcements.

  • Work is progressing on standardized lab door labels. Discussions are still being conducted on which symbols to include.
  • Job Hazard Analyses continue to be written and will eventually be available on the web.
  • An Standard Operating Procedure has been written for HF and the HF Safety Program is now in place. HF exposure response kits are available and registration of labs in which HF is used is in effect now. Training in the new program requirements is mandatory before use.
  • Chemical redistribution program is currently being tested and OHS hopes to open this program up to the entire University soon.
  • The web based laboratory management program of chemical inventories may be released soon, but without an auto-fill option, which isn't ready yet.

The next meeting will be held on June 2 at 1:00.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30.