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Spring 98 March 10, 1998

Present: Daryl Whittington, Caroline Golt, Mark Radosevich, Sherry Kitto, Jerry Hendricks, and Robin Elliott

Absent: Janet Shirey

Robin Elliott presented the new laminated flip charts available from DOHS to display information regarding proper handling and disposal of biohazardous, chemical, and radioactive wastes.

Dr. Kitto raised a concern regarding the poor quality air being circulated in Worrilow Hall. Although air system ductwork was cleaned, particulate matter is still being blow into laboratories and deposited on work surfaces and equipment. Other committee members verified the problem. Although the nature of the particulate matter has changed, it still remains a problem. Dr. Kitto also voiced concern over the apparent health risks that people working in Worrilow may be exposed to breathing this particulate matter. Robin Elliott said she would look into the situation.

Laboratory assignments were made regarding committee members inspecting departmental laboratories. The following labs were assigned to the following individuals: WOR 304/306, WOR 210 (Jerry Hendricks); WOR 125/121, WOR 212 (Sherry Kitto); WOR 302, 154 TNS (Caroline Golt); WOR 110, WOR 205 (Janet Shirey); WOR 215, 163 TNS (Daryl Whittington); and Kelly Morgan (DOHS) will be asked to inspect WOR 201/204, WOR 216, and WOR 101/104. Jerry Hendricks volunteered to relay our request to Ms. Morgan for these lab inspections.

Mark Radosevich reported on the status of the installation of the chemical fume hood in WOR 307. The original hood to be installed was replaced with a different used hood. The broken glass was thought not cost effective to replace. The fume hood has been repainted, but still has not been connected.

Jerry Hendricks announced that he is preparing a departmental safety committee web page. He plans to list individual laboratory chemical inventories, but needs these chemical inventories submitted to him on diskette to include in the web page. Any format can be used for this information. These chemical lists will only be available to those working within the UD Homepage server.

Ms. Elliott made the following announcements: the University's DOHS Web Page has been entered in a competition and made the first cut, the University Biosafety Committee has been formulated and Dr. Bertrand Lemieux serves as its chair, a Physical Therapy Master's student is developing a Web based Right-to-Know training module as part of her thesis, DOHS is recommending that individual departments train new graduate students (this may need to be done each semester), DOHS is also designing a door placard for laboratory doors to warn all visitors of any hazards within that laboratory space.