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Spring 97 February 7, 1997

Present: Daryl Whittington, Caroline Golt, Amy Brennan, Mark Radosevich, Jerry Hendricks, and Robin Elliott

Questions had been raised whether the currently issued Hazardous Materials Safety Manual had changed significantly from the previous issued manual. Ms. Elliott said it had not and therefore old manuals were still usable.

It was announced to the committee that Dr. Sparks had approved the formation of a Safety Information Folder that would be accessible to the entire department for reference. The safety folder would be housed in 149 Townsend Hall in the Business Forms file cabinet under Safety. Mr. Hendricks said that all this information is currently available through his office, however, few make use of it or are apparently aware of this fact.

Ms. Elliott informed the committee that GFC's should be installed where electrical outlets are located 3' to 6' from a water source or wherever wet conditions are created from water use. Ms. Elliott also announced that emergency lighting in Worrilow Hall are connected to the main generator. A Web page is now available, but not complete for DOHS. The page breaks down into services provided, programs, and education. Manuals and annual reports will also be on line. John Brook has retired effective January and the DOHS now is under the supervision of Dave Hollowell.

The DOHS is currently developing a policy for transportation of chemical materials so that there is compliance with Department of Transportation guidelines. Any lab that sends out chemical materials will need to check these guidelines.

Ms. Elliott suggested that the other Safety Committee chairs within the college meet jointly and approach the Dean with the suggestion of a chemical storage area for the college with the scheduled renovation of Townsend Hall. Mr. Whittington did not think this would be feasible without someone to manage or control this storage area. Mark Radosevich and Caroline Golt voiced similar concerns.

Ms. Elliott announced that an unused chemical fume hood was available from Mechanical Engineering that possibly could be relocated to Worrilow Hall, 3rd floor. There was some discussion whether current fan motors were available to create the required ventilation. Ms. Elliott said she would look into it further.

Ms. Golt raise the issue of alcohol storage for the department when she is relocated to Worrilow Hall from Townsend. Will alcohol storage remain in Townsend Hall or be relocated to Worrilow Hall.

The DOHS has hired a Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO), Ms. Kelly Morgan, who will begin February 24th. She will have the responsibility of developing exposure evaluations, evaluating PPE's, developing chemical hygiene plans, etc.