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Summer 2008 June 11, 2008



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Nicole Donofrio, Saengdao Khaokaew, Elaine Eiker, Rodney Dempsey, Robin Elliott, Marcia Nickle

The meeting was called to order at 11:07 a.m.
Old Business

Access to utility panels in Worrilow to be able to turn off supply lines during emergencies was pursued further but denied by Facilities.

New Business

Summer Lab Inspections will be conducted by the committee and due in August.
Lab Contact Inspector
101/104 WOR Hendricks Nicole
105/212 WOR Pautler Saengdao
108/110 WOR Olsen Rodney
112 WOR Pill Kevin
125 WOR Golt Kevin
201/204 WOR Gregory Kevin
205 WOR Gregory Kevin
208 WOR Jin Kevin
210 WOR Tecle Rodney
212 WOR Pautler Saengdao
214/215 WOR Kitto Rodney
216 WOR Yoo Jerry
302 WOR Fuhrmann/Donofrio Jerry
304 WOR Vasilas Jerry
306 WOR Fuhrmann/Donofrio Rodney
150 TNS Pizzolato Nicole
151 TNS Gregory Nicole
Greenhouses Bartz Saengdao
Townsend Hall   Nicole
Worrilow Hall   Jerry
Wilson Farmhouse   Saengdao

One incident reported - Sue Wooler sprained her wrist at the UDBG plant sale and the appropriate papers were turned in to Jerry.

Fire drills were held on May 15 for Townsend and Worrilow Halls, the Greenhouses and Wilson Farmhouse.
In 301 Worrilow, refrigerated lab space had low audibility - strobe light recommended.
Townsend occupants, although notified, did not gather at proper meeting place.
In 301 Farmhouse, occupant had to be asked to evacuate. Grow light needs to be removed.

All online training has migrated to EHS Assistant.

Marcia Nickle presented overview of Emergency Operations Plan on March 20 to about 20 participants. CANR unit coordinators will be meeting soon to discuss progress in updating plan. Marcia then encouraged the committee to continue work on the plan which is due for completion by year's end. She is available for assistance at any time.

Worrilow air quality meeting held on May 19. Joe Miller reported that particulates sampled are mainly composed of cellulose fibers and skin cells. Interim report is attached, as well as results in two parts - part 1 and part 2.

DOHS Announcements

Robin Elliott announced that the “Safety Beakon” has ben redesigned by Graphic Communications.
She also received feedback about campus AED's at the Wellness Expo. One concern was raised about possible liability issues if not properly inspected.
Robin announced that is a search being conducted for a new position of Executive Director for University Safety.
Robin said to remind people about exposure to the sun and the Marine Studies web page has more information about exposure.
Minors In Lab Policy is in effect - 15 yr olds are not permitted to work in labs.
Material Transfer Agreements are required for outside research.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 p.m. 

Next meeting will be September 10.

Submitted by Elaine Eiker