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Winter 2006 December 13, 2006



Attendees: Kevin Eichinger, Jerry Hendricks, Cathy Olsen, Masayuki Shimizu, Liping Zhang and Kathy Fleischut.

Not Present: Bob Mulrooney, Teresa Holton, Kyungsoo Yoo.

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m.
Old Business

Fire drill outstanding items - followed up with Jenny McDermott, and she will address them soon

  1. Items left in hallway behind room 002 Townsend have been cleared
  2. Farmhouse fire doors need to be closed at all time.  A magnetic door holder is needed.
  3. Pipe in Townsend attic – unknown, still needs to be checked

Outstanding items from Spring Inspections:
Townsend Hall
222 ceiling tiles, replaced
012 lab signs, done, but no green card
013 lab signs done, but green card is empty.  Both labs are either Animal Science or Entomology.

Worrilow Hall
216 Yoo – New lab and has recently ordered new chemicals, will put together inventory when they arrive
125 and 306 – ceiling tiles still need to be replaced. Keven suggested emailing problems to to track and forward to Joe Miller
307 autoclave has water on floor and dripping to 205. This is being worked on -
Caroline Golt & Brian Ladman oversee users/autoclaves.  Clean up is needed.

Fisher Greenhouse
Doors repaired
Chemical inventory received
Bio inventory received from Pill, Lee, Nissan, Leonard

Wilson Farmhouse
Second floor window latch not yet fixed

Fall Lab Inspections
151 TNS - ok
105 WOR – OK
125 WOR - ok
205 WOR – green card has been replaced
 Nancy is working on a JHA for alcohol lamps
 Refrigerator needs label – done
 5 ceiling tiles need replacing

302 WOR green cards need to be updated.  - done
 Electric outlet covers broke or missing

306 WOR Chem inventory needs updating
 Remove clutter – Caroline Golt working on.
 Two inoperable centrifuges need to be removed
 Refrigerator needs label – done
 Ceiling tiles need replacing

201/204 WOR - OK
214/215 WOR Scheduled to be done 12/15/06
216 WOR Hot plates in hood, replace signs, email Kevin for signs.
212 WOR Need job hazard analysis
?Golt – need job hazardous forms, check gas cylinders to start evaluation, many specialized equipment.  All equipment should have waste containers (all safe but not documented).  Excessive quantity of supplies locked outside of lab by gas bays (ethanol).


One accident – no injury.

Friday a UDBG intern, using back hoe to plant, dug up a propane tank.  The copper line supply cut off immediately.  Pipe should be 18 inches deep but it is only 4 inches on the shallow ends.  Sheagrin Gas will re-do sometime in the spring.  Facilities need to be called to stake out the digging.  Is a map available?  Plumbing Services should check he gas and water lines. IT should also be informed.  Miss Utility does stakeouts but we’re not sure how UD deals with this situation.  Talk to Frett. 

One training conducted:  October 5, 2006 - Fire Extinguisher Safety attended by 15-20 people.

Right to Know:  Jerry requested TA access for Web CT. Kevin responded that it won’t happen, but the new EHS system will eventually incorporate training.

Web CT registrations should now be sent to Leslie

PLSC was named Department of the Month for October.  We need to do a new group picture. 


Announcements by Kevin Eichenger:

3 accident reports, 2 reported.
1)  A person wearing sandals dropped something on his toe.
2)  A person stung by a bee.
3)  A person got finger caught in a pipe wrench (report not recived)

New hire – Sr. Record Technician – Elaine Nelson

New Right to Know Posters are available

Newsletter is hung on Safety Bulletin Board

PLSC bio audits – 18 done – Zero actions required

Solid hazardous  waste – DOHS has purchased new waste boxes to meet requirements.  Inexpensive.  Request from Kevin.

Emergency plan not yet updated. Public Safety has hired an emergency planner who will help with updating departmental emergency plans.

EHS assistant program – installed and working.  First test session being done by PLSC and Animal and Food Science.  Web access is now working

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Next meeting March 14, 2007 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Fleishut