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Winter 2005 December 14, 2005



Attendees: Karen Gartley, Sue Wooler, Jerry Hendricks, Tom Pizzolato, Jen Gilbert, Brandon Lafferty,  Robin Elliott.

Not Present: Teresa Holton and Greg Binford.
The minutes were taken by Sue Wooler.

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM

Annual RTK training through WebCT Training did not acheive complete compliance, but was successful enough to continue next year.
The final tally for the year was:

Basic RTK
New Grad
Chem Waste

Of the remaining, 3 were students, 4 Staff, 9 Faculty

Several Spring lab inspections items are still outstanding and need followup and a number of Highly Toxic and Carcinogenic Chemicals Surveys have not been completed, and were assigned to committee members for follow up.

Jerry spoke at the PLSC Faculty meeting and addressed the outstanding Right to Know training, winter lab inspections, chemical inventories, Chemical Hygien Plan revisions, and the debugged Laboratory Management Program. Offered to present a demonstation of the Lab Management program, but there was no interest. Noted that the Chemical Hygiene Plan now includes a Compliance Policy with a prior approval procedure for using highly toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Asked that the uncreturned surveys be completed. Once all surveys are collected, SOP's will have to be approved before working with identified chemicals. Kevin is writing generic SOP's for most common compounds, individuals can then modify if necessary. A number of SOP's are already available on the web.

If just doing the Right to Know, Robin Elliot stated that medical evaluation and chemical exposure is not covered in the RTK book. Labs need to suppliment their training.

A recommendation from our Disaster Plan has finally been implemented. All files of the Secretaries and Department Chair are being backed up to a server in Allen Lab. Due to space limitations, there are no further plans to include anyone else, so othees will have to devise their own back up stratagies.
Another item from the Disaster Plan has been put on hold. A quote has been received to install security cameras in the entrance ways of  the buildings but funds are not currently available.

Robin Elliott announcements
Compliance Policy in place.
Kevin writing SOP’s, 3 SOP’s for Arsenic, basic leg work done and up at OHS, number more to go.  Available on Web.
Chemical Inventory will become mandatory in the near future. Protocol, Permits, Chemical Inventory all have to be regulated and will be required.
Web based Lab Management is ahead of the game.
The Chemical Hygiene Plan and Right to Know book has been updated. A complete rewrite will be done in the near future.
Disaster Plan is being revised by Jim Flately of Public Safety, will be campus wide effort, article will be in the UDaily in the near future. 
Security for certain labs should be considered because of the toxic chemicals, Public Safety purchased a card access system, Robin thinks that it will be implanted in labs that need security for certain reason, the system will be card access, will be available in the future.
Robin asked about how we get OHS poster, we get them both ways, when we receive them  Jerry hangs them on the Bulletin Boards.
Driver’s License Policy has changed, if anyone has a DUI they can not use U of D transportation or do U of D business – 5 year Statue – State of Delaware is secondary for personal Vehicle.   The form on the web has been updated, Robin thought. New web has statement re: DUI on it. 
Twice a year (March & Sept) educating people of what U of D Policies are.
Emergency pages are in the Phone Book (pages 28 & 29)
Audit form on Web.
Revised safety polices on web.
Water corrosion is still being looked into, more samples were taken.  Corrosion is in fire system, mostly copper.
Robin stated meeting with Provost & Mr. Hollowell to discuss budget .
Chemical Waste person to be hired in the works.
Bernie Alexander out and will probable not be coming back.  Jennifer Pyle leaves Jan. 9.  Donna Bowman’s (Senior Secretary) position has not been approved to be filled.  Looking at re-organizations in the department.
Leslie Hubbard is storm water – certified construction reviewer.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm
Next meeting on March 15th at 1:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Wooler