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Winter 2004 December 15, 2004



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Caroline Golt, Maria Pautler, Jen Seiter, and Robin Elliott (DOHS).

The minutes were taken by Maria Pautler.

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 PM.


This is the seventh PLSC safety committee quarter during which Cliff Keil’s storage cabinet remains in the first floor Townsend Hall stairway. Julie Burton spoke to Cliff last week so hopefully the cabinet will be removed soon.

The major inspection of the old greenhouse was 1.5 years ago. The work recommendations are with Tom Sims; no action has been taken yet.

Jerry had inquired about getting security cameras in Townsend Hall about a year ago and was told to wait as there was to be a campus-wide recommendation to be made as to which cameras to purchase. There has been no news about this. Jerry doesn’t know of any recent thefts. Robin said to go ahead and get some cameras instead of waiting further.

Starting in January 2005, Toby Pierce is going to back up all department chair and assistant to the chair computer files. The logistics are still being worked out as to how often, etc.

Web CT training – Here are the latest figures of PLSC individuals who need to complete the annual “Right-to-Know” training (due in September 2004) and those who have done so.



# registered

# completed

Basic RTK
230 132
Advanced RTK 63 42
New Graduate - Non-Lab 6 6
New Graduate - Lab 5 5
Chemical Waste 25 19

Jerry will now go to every PLSC faculty meeting and let those in attendance know who hasn’t taken their annual training, done lab inspections, etc.


The first departmental biosafety training took place on November 29, 2004. It was attended mostly by students. The next opportunity for training will occur on January 13, 2005 at 10 AM, in Room 201 DBI.

Jerry sent out a notice for PLSC researchers to update their bioinventories but has received only two replies thus far. PLSC is about to undergo a bioaudit led by DOHS’s Krista Murray.

Caroline remarked that there should be a greenhouse person on the PLSC safety committee since the greenhouse staff falls under the PLSC department. The committee agrees and perhaps Rodney Dempsey can join.

An automatic door has been installed in Worrilow Hall, the first one in the building’s history.

The autoclave in 306 Worrilow Hall was leaking. No one in PLSC, especially Caroline Golt, found out about it until four days later even though the leak was reported to Fixit. Nancy Gregory cleaned up.

Jerry has mentioned to department chair Don Sparks that the PLSC safety committee has had little faculty participation.

Maria asked for clarification on fume hood sash height. In general the sash must be placed at the height of the arrow on the yellow sticker. Usually the face will be behind the sash for an added layer of protection but in Worrilow Hall the sashes need to be set higher than face height for proper air flow.


There was an accident in the greenhouse previously; Robin now has the incident report form.

Jerry needs to send out notices for fall lab inspections

Robin has been going over the concept of training with people. She suggests keeping training certificates in the lab. Training is not being done consistently. Jerry said this was why training by Web CT will now be held every September.

Personnel changes – Leslie York-Hubbard is on FMLA; when she returns she will not be Chemical Hygiene Officer. She will now share biosafety officer duties with another part-time person. Kevin Eichinger is moving into the Chemical Hygiene Officer position starting January 1, 2005. DOHS is hiring a replacement for Kevin as Environmental Health Specialist. The retiring Ken Sharkey will be replaced as Environmental Health and Safety technician as well.

Robin has asked the departments update their disaster plans, do some training, and send them in to DOHS. Jerry would like to see a master list of equipment on campus. Robin says Jerry could search for equipment from Plant Property Records.

New chemical hygiene committee web pages are posted as well as meeting dates and notes, agendas, etc. The committee is working on approval procedures for highly toxic and carcinogenic materials.

Robin asked if we knew about the biosafety audit form and guidance document.

Leslie York-Hubbard and Kevin Eichinger posted web pages for procedures for working with hazardous drugs. Leslie has a web page of all incidents on campus

Robin has been working on budget issues like shipping costs and DOHS people tracking their time as to whom they are working with.


Maria asked if the chain lock is off of the front door of the Farmhouse. Jerry answered yes.

Cindy Barnett is no longer on the PLSC safety committee. Her replacement on this committee will be her replacement in the PLSC department.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Maria Pautler.