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Winter 2003 February 24, 2004



Attendees: Wallace Pill, Ted Peltier, Robin Elliott, Teresa Holton, Caroline Golt, Maria Pautler, Cindy Barnett and Jerry Hendricks.

The minutes were taken by Cindy Barnett.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM.

Rooms 012, 013, 216, 218 and 222 TNS still have no emergency cards. 221 TNS has an emergency card but it is still not filled out.
The doorway between 304 & 306 WOR is permanently locked and a sign needs to be posted “NOT AN EXIT”.
302 WOR – shower was inspected in January, 2004. There still is no bio sticker on the hood. 125 WOR still has to have its fan/hood fixed. These are both Leslie’s action items.
The storage cabinet in TNS hallway is Dr. Cliff Keil’s and he is currently in the process
of moving it behind 002 TNS.
Ceiling tile outside of the library TNS has not been fixed. Orders are being put in regularly. The greenhouse tiles have been fixed.
A request for a phone was put in by Amy Broadhurst for room 204 WOR.
Evacuation plan has been printed out and put up in Worrilow (by the emergency phones).
No evacuation plan has been posted in the farmhouse (only one way out).
Fire extinguishers all have new cards with plenty of room for the custodians to check the level (should be in green zone).
During the last power failure Bernie Alexander did a “walk through” to check the natural light and emergency lights in Worrilow.
CORRECTION OF PREVIOUS MINUTES – the plastic greenhouse collapsed due to heavy snow, not the storm Isabel.

One graduate student still hasn’t completed the web training. Yan Jin and Sherry Kitto each both have a new student that will have to take the training.
Worker protection training has been completed for the greenhouse employees. The inspection of the greenhouse has also been completed. Two new estimates were given:$12,000 to fix the door and $75, 000 - $100,000 to remove the lead paint and repaint. A two-page list was given to Dr. Sparks from the inspection listing everything that needs to be completed to bring “up-to-code”. The Fisher Greenhouse is going on its 15th year and will be in need of repairs as well.
The centralized Chemical Inventory Program is usable – but still needs some repairs.
Security cameras will be placed in the hallways due to the number of thefts. Larry Thornton is in the process of standardizing a contract for the University. These cameras will be digital – they won’t be monitored by people.
The emergency plan has not been updated as of yet.
The three PLSC classes for this semester have been registered for WebCT Right-to-Know training. There is a form on the webpage that the students can print out and bring to class on the first day.

A graduate student left material in the autoclave overnight. The old polypropylene container used started to deteriorate and filled the room with fumes. In the morning she inhaled these fumes when entering the room . The student was taken directly to Christiana Hosp. Occupational Health Services by Jerry Hendricks. After the appropriate tests, there was no indication of any permanent damage. Caroline Golt is going to write an SOP for the autoclave. Robin is concerned as to whom, if anyone, is responsible for the upkeep of materials used so this won’t happen again.
The first draft of the Academic Program Review of DOHS was given to the University attorney. A second report will follow for general distribution.
T. Pizzolato reported a water problem in WOR. There was brown water. Julie Burton was contacted and in turn contacted Joe Miller who came down and handled the issue. There has been no brown water since. In the future, if this happens again a sample should be taken directly to Julie Burton.
Backing up files. Toby is working on having the main computer center up campus store our backed-up files. The plan is to have servers for each department. Employees can save their information to the departmental server which will then be transferred to the university server.

Robin Elliott’ s report
Injury reports that are submitted should have a more detailed description of the injury –
Ex. Knee injury
Knee injury with bruising and redness.
The Safety Beacon is a new newsletter that is being distributed quarterly. If you would like a hard copy please contact Robin.
Lab coat bags are available through Robin. They are for students who wear lab coats, when leaving the lab - put their coat in the bag and keep it until the next time they enter the lab. This bag has instructions on the front for its proper use. These cost about 10 cents a piece. Excellent idea and should be encouraged to use. Robin would eventually like to market these bags.
Still no laundry service for the lab coats.
Working on a grant for Emergency Planning.
The Emergency Operations Plan was submitted to the National Safety Council for an award.
The Chemical Hygiene committee is meeting this week. There will be a radiation lab audit on Thursday (internal). Working on putting together a biosafety audit. These should be done every other year and our last one was three years ago. Currently talking to a woman in Belgium about possibly handling this.

Our next meeting will be scheduled in April, 2004.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

Respectively submitted by Cindy Barnett.