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Chemical Hygiene Laboratory Inspections

(Postings of lab inspections has been suspended until a more efficent method of gathering information electronically is developed)

Laboratory inspections are required by University Policy 7-02, Department Safety Committees, to be conducted quarterly. The Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer or Safety Committee Chair will organize these inspections which will check for Chemical Hygiene Plan compliance. The inspections may be conducted by the Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer, the University of Delaware Chemical Hygiene Officer, a member of the local safety committee or on occasion the laboratory occupants. Laboratory supervisors are responsible for ensuring compliance with the University's Chemical Hygiene Plan and must remediate any deficiencies identified in the laboratory in a timely manner.

PLSC inspections are performed once by the Laboratory Safety Committee (in the Spring), once by Leslie York-Hubbard, and twice by the laboratory occupants. For a self inspection, review the Laboratory Inspection Guide, and obtain a Laboratory Inspection form for Microsoft Word, or as a PDF document, or from Gerald Hendricks.





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PLSC Laboratories

Lab Safety Inspections

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Room Location
Date of Inspection
101/104 Worrilow Donald Sparks
105 Worrilow Maria Pautler
108/110 Worrilow Karen Gartley


112 Worrilow Caroline Golt
125 Worrilow Wallace Pill/ Bruce Vasilas
201/204 Worrilow Tom Evans/ Nancy Gregory
205 Worrilow Tom Evans/ Nancy Gregory
208 Worrilow Yan Jin
210 Worrilow James Hawk
212 Worrilow J. Thomas Sims
214/215 Worrilow John Frett/ Sherry Kitto
216 Worrilow Kyungsoo You
302 Worrilow

Jeffry Fuhrmann/
Nicole Donofrio

304 Worrilow Randy Wisser
306 Worrilow Nicole Donofrio
151 Townsend Robert Mulrooney/ Nancy Gregory


149/150 Townsend Thompson Pizzolato



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