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Depart. of the Month - Oct 2006
Depart. of the Year 2003/2004
Depart. of the Month - Dec 2000
Depart. of the Month - Mar 2000
Depart. of the Year 1999/2000 (3rd place)
Depart. of the Month - Dec 1998

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Committee Members

Nicole Donofrio, Deb Jaisi, Sue Biddle,Caroline Golt , Josh Lemonte, Megan Patzold, Maria Pautler

PLSC Laboratories
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Deer ticks
Eye Injuries
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Room Location
Lab Activity

101/104 Worrilow

Donald Sparks

Environmental Soil Chemistry

105 Worrilow

Maria Pautler

Soils Teaching Lab

108/110 Worrilow

Karen Gartley

Soil Testing

112 Worrilow

Caroline Golt

Analytical Lab

119/125 Worrilow

Bruce Vasilas/ Stacey Chirnside

Soil and Crop Management

201/204 Worrilow

Tom Evans

Plant Pathology

205 Worrilow

Nancy Gregory

Teaching Lab

208 Worrilow

Yan Jin

Soil Physics

210 Worrilow

Randy Wisser

Plant Genetics

212 Worrilow

J. Thomas Sims

Soil and Environmental Chemistry

214/215 Worrilow

John Frett/ Sherry Kitto

Ornamental Horticulture/ Tissue Culture

216 Worrilow

Deb Jaisi

Environmental Biogeochemistry

302 Worrilow

Jeffry Fuhrmann
Nicole Donofrio

Soil Microbiology
Molecular Fungal-Plant Pathogen

304 East Worrilow

Randy Wisser

Plant Genetics

306 Worrilow

Nicole Donofrio

Molecular Fungal-Plant Pathogen

150 Townsend

Thompson Pizzolato

Plant Anatomy

151 Townsend

Robert Mulrooney/ Nancy Gregory

Plant Diagnostic Clinic/ Nematode Assay Program

Fisher Greenhouse

Bill Bartz



UD Depatment of Environmental Health and Safety
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UD Safety and Security Policies

"The policy of the University of Delaware is to provide the university community with a safe and healthful work environment. Serious attempts will be made to minimize recognizable hazards. It is the intent of the University to comply with all occupational health, safety, and fire regulations and recommended practices."

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