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December 2000


The DOHS has voted to recognize the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources administration as Department of the Month for December 2000. Recently, the administration took a strong position relative to the on-going concern of hallway clutter. They sent out a notice requiring that the hallways be cleared of all items and stated that items left in the hallways would be removed by the movers after a given date. Items in the hallway were marked with a poster noting this position so that there was no misunderstanding about what needed to go. This action resulted in a great improvement in Worrilow Hall.

Hallway clutter may seem harmless but in the event of a fire or other serious emergency where a quick evacuation is needed this clutter is an impediment to safe exiting. The strong united message sent out by the Dean and Department chairs shows a complete commitment that makes a difference. This type of commitment also supports the departmental safety committees in their general on-going safety efforts as well. We truly appreciate the cooperation from Agriculture and Natural Resources in working to provide a safe campus environment.

Congratulations on a job well done!