Department of the Month

March 2000


The DOHS is pleased to recognize Plant and Soil Sciences once again for Department of the Month for March 2000. They were nominated based on the internal safety poster program they have developed to promote safety programs and safe behavior. Jerry Hendricks their Safety Committee Chair and Chemical Hygiene Officer developed the program after the Safety Committee discussed the idea last year. Since then Jerry has produced more than a years worth of posters which can be viewed at Plant & Soil Sciences' safety web page

The committee displays the posters in the restrooms in Worrilow and Townsend. This program has not only benefited Plant and Soil Sciences but all departments in the College of Agriculture. In fact, other departments may find these posters useful in their own departments and can freely download them from the Plant and Soil Sciences Safety web site.

In addition to the poster program, the Plant and Soil Sciences Department volunteered to undergo the first safety audit in an effort to improve their program and assist the DOHS in the development of this new initiative. The DOHS certainly appreciates this cooperation and recognizes the high level of proactive work relative to safety taking place in this department. For this we believe that Dr. Sparks, Jerry and the committee deserve to be recognized as Department of the Month for March.

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