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Transfer Students Information

You know a credit from a curriculum, a lecture from a lab. You’ve spent some time on another campus, and now you’re looking at Delaware as your next step. And while you might be somewhat of an expert on college life, you might be a bit unsure about exactly how the transfer process works. If you transfer, will you lose credits? Do you have to start all over building your GPA? How will you meet people? All of these questions, and many more, will be answered here.

Transferring is a transformation; you’ll be on a new campus, with new people, in new classes. You might even have a new major. Our goal is to assist in making your transformation as simple and carefree as possible.

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Question: When do I have to apply for admission?

For enrollment in February (Spring semester), you should apply for admission by November 1.  If you wish to enroll in September (Fall semester), the deadline is May 1.

Question: What do I have to include with my application?

You must include a completed Undergraduate Admission Application; your social security number; a nonrefundable application fee; your official high school transcript (forwarded by your high school to the Admissions Office); and all official college transcripts (forwarded to the Admissions Office from the registrar of your previous schools). If you have courses in progress, a final transcript must be sent when you complete your coursework. Please note that it is your responsibility to request that high school and college transcripts be sent to us. Visit: How To Apply

Question: How will my application be evaluated?

The Admissions Committee evaluates all of your credentials including the type of institutions you’ve attended, how you’ve done in the subjects related to your proposed major, and your overall grade point average. If you have not completed at least 24 college credits, the admission decision will be based on your college record, your high school grades, and your SAT scores.

Question: What does it take to be admitted?

You must be in good academic standing, eligible to return to your current or previous institution. In general, transfer applicants from Delaware must have at least a 2.0 grade point average in previous college work, while non-resident transfers must have at least a 2.5 average to be considered. Slots for transfer students are competitive, and space is limited.

Question: How do I know what credits will transfer?

The University accepts credits only from regionally accredited institutions. Only courses in which you earned a C or better, and that have equivalents at UD, will transfer. Once your application is evaluated and admission is offered, the University will do a preliminary transcript evaluation. A final determination of transferable credits will be made by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Question: Is there a minimum or maximum number of credits I can transfer?

No. To receive a University of Delaware degree, admitted students must complete a minimum of the last 30 credits, full or part time, at the University of Delaware.

Question: Will my previous GPA be averaged into my new GPA?

No. Only credits, not grades, transfer into the University. You will begin working on a new GPA once you enroll in classes at UD.

Question: If I am thinking about transferring, but am not sure, whom should I talk to?

We strongly suggest that you make an appointment to talk with someone in the Academic Programs Office in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. We can talk with you about our majors, give you some general ideas about what might transfer, and help you plan your next semester at your other institution in preparation for transferring.

Question: Does your school have a “forgiveness of grades” policy?

No. The UD does not erase a grade from your transcript just because you take a course twice. For example, if you take CHEM 103 and earn an “F,” and then take it again and get a “C,” both grades will be averaged into your GPA and both will appear on your transcript.

Question: Do I have to apply for admission in order to take classes?

No. You may take up to 7 credits per semester as a Continuing Education student. These courses may be counted toward your degree if you should decide to apply for admission.

Question: Who will help me choose my classes when I am admitted?

All students in our College are assigned a faculty advisor with whom they work to choose courses, plan curricula, and prepare for a career. Your advisor is an experienced resource; be sure to take advantage of his or her wisdom!

Question: How can I meet people?

Our College, with an enrollment of 700, has a reputation for being warm and friendly. Many refer to us as the “Ag Family,” where students and faculty know each other well and interact both in and out of the classroom. While most of our students are of “traditional” college age, others are over 25, some have spouses and families, and some are part-timers who juggle classes and a full-time job. Students find it easy to connect and make lasting friendships as they become involved in the College through classes, student clubs, undergraduate research, and part-time jobs.

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