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High School Students

We welcome high school students to visit the College and learn more about our many opportunities. In addition to the programs listed below, we offer individual visits to our facilities. If you are interested in visiting us, we can create a personalized schedule for you, including a tour of the College, a UD campus tour, and a meeting with faculty and current students. You can even sit in on classes and eat in the dining hall if you wish! If you are interested in receiving more information about our programs, please fill out the Information Request Form. To setup a visit or to get information on any of the programs listed below, please call our Academic Programs Office at (302) 831-2508. All programs are free of charge unless otherwise noted.

Your Day at Delaware
April 11, 2008 & April 18, 2008

This program is for students admitted into a program within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the class of Fall 2008.  Students will have the opportunity to sit-in on classes, meet with current faculty and students, and tour our facilities.  Advanced registration is required. If you have already been admitted to UD, you will automatically receive a registration packet in the mail. If you have questions about the event, please call (302) 831-2508.

FAQ's about Your Day at Delaware:

Q: What is the main difference between Your Day at Delaware and Decision Days?

A: Your Day at Delaware is specific to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Your day will include multiple opportunities to attend courses taught by faculty in our college, talk with current students, and tour our facilities. You also have the option to speak with representatives from Financial Aid, Housing, Study Abroad, and our college's student organizations during our information fair. An optional, abbreviated campus tour will be available at the end of the day for those interested in a general tour.

Decision Day is a university-wide event with opportunities to talk to more campus units during longer sessions (such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, Honors, etc.) Campus tours will be available throughout the day, and you'll have the opportunity to visit the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, as well as talk to our faculty and students.

Q: Can I attend both Your Day at Delaware AND Decision Day?

A: Definitely! If this will be your first visit to campus, participating in both events will give you a great, comprehensive view of the University of Delaware.

Q: What if I was invited to participate in Destination Delaware?

A: You can participate in all three events if you would like. You would still need to register for each event separately. If you apply to Your Day at Delaware and are also participating in Destination Delaware, please indicate that on your registration form.

Q: Do we provide overnight accommodations?

A: We do not provide overnight accommodations as part of Your Day at Delaware. For information about places to stay locally, please visit: http://admissions.udel.edu/visit/accommodations.shtml.

Q: Where will I park?

A: We have ample parking at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. We will provide you with a parking pass for our lot when you arrive at the event.

Q: How will I get around to the different sessions?

A: You have quite a few options. You may consider walking between destinations, using UD's shuttle bus system, or driving your car (we'll provide all necessary parking passes if you choose to drive.) You do not need to have a car on campus the day of the event. We will have full details about transportation options at the event, as well as many current UD students to help you along the way.

Q: Can parents participate in this event or is it for students only?

A: Parents are welcome to participate if they choose to. Some courses may only have enough seats for the students, but most sessions will have room for a small number of family members. The schedule will indicate if a course is for students only. Many parents choose not to participate, so the decision is up to you.

Q: Which lunch option should I choose?

A: If you want a taste of UD's dining hall food, choose that option. UD's dining halls are buffet-style with a large variety of food options. We will provide you with dining hall passes if you choose this option.

If you would like to spend a little more time with our faculty and students, and peruse the information fair for a bit longer, consider having lunch with us in Townsend Hall. Lunches will be boxed lunches, with a variety of sandwich/wrap options (including vegetarian options), cookies, chips, fruit and beverages.

Lunch on your own is for anyone who is local, wants to explore a restaurant or eatery on Main Street, or simply wants different food options from the dining hall or lunch in Townsend Hall.

Q: How will I know if you received my registration form?

A: We will be sending out email confirmations to the email address you list on your registration form.

Q: When will I know what my schedule is?

A: You will receive a copy of your schedule during check-in, the morning of the event. If we are unable to accommodate your first or second choice for a session, we will contact you in advance.

If you have further questions about Your Day at Delaware, please call (302) 831-2508. To register for a Decision Day, please visit https://chico.nss.udel.edu/prospectformadmin/forms/decisiondays-rsvp.jsp.

Plant and Soil Sciences Scholar Program

Fall 2008, Date TBA

This 1-day program promotes an understanding of the diverse disciplines within plant and soil sciences and is suited for students who are inquisitive about science, particularly plants, soils, biology or the environment. Students in 10th - 12th grades may apply for this program, which is held annually on the Newark campus. The application and teacher recommendation forms are available through the following links.

Please call (302) 831-2508 if you have any questions.

Food Science Scholars Day
Fall 2008, Date TBA

This 1-day program involves select 10-12th graders in laboratory and classroom experiences related to Food Science and Technology.  The application and teacher recommendation forms are available through the following links.

Please call (302) 831-2508 if you have any questions.


Future Blue Hens College Planning Programs
Fall 2008 (Dates TBA)

Locations: Georgetown, DE and Dover, DE

These programs are designed to help students and their families prepare for the college application and selection process, while providing information on the many opportunities available in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Representatives from Admissions and the College of A&NR will discuss admission requirements; scholarships and financial aid; student life; and majors and careers related to agriculture and natural resources. These programs are suitable for students in grades 7-12 and their families. Advance registration is requested by calling (302) 831-2508.

Future Blue Hens Spring Visit Day (FBHSVD)
Spring 2009 (Date TBA)
This program is for students in grades 7 – 11 and their families, and features tours, activities, and special sessions related to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Advanced registration is required.


Landscape Camp
The Nature of Design: Exploring Art in the Landscape(pdf)

School Field Trips

We welcome middle- and high-school students to visit our campus with their classmates and teachers. We can arrange tours, experiments, student panels, and other special sessions for groups up to 50 students. Three weeks notice is required.

Summer Employment

The Department of Plant & Soil Sciences hires high-school students in the summer to assist with a plant biotechnology field project involving corn pollination. For more information, email Dr. Jim Hawk or call 302/831-1379.