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Enrichment Opportunities

Extension Scholars Student Intern Program

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension announces an Extension Scholars; Student Intern Program for current undergraduate (summer following sophomore year and beyond) and graduate students at both UD.  This program (to be conducted from May 29-August 11) is designed to follow the service learning model whereby interns will have an opportunity to become fully engaged in organizational service experiences that: are integrated into the academic curriculum; meet the needs of a community; provide structured time for reflection; and help foster civic responsibility.  As was the case in 2005, a capstone experience will be part of this year's program.  Up to five scholars will receive a stipend of $3000 and, if needed, an allowance of $500 for job-related travel and/or housing.  Location of internships will be Extension offices on the UD campus and in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties.  Application deadline is April 7.  Selections will be announced by May 1.

Undergraduate Research

Many of our students take the opportunity to work with faculty members on various research projects. Students may receive a stipend or credit for their work, and a large percentage continue their research to complete a thesis. For more information about participating in research within a specific subject area, contact the academic department.

• Undergraduate Research/Science & Engineering Scholars Program

Dean's Scholar Program

For students who have broad interests in agriculture and natural resources that are not met by a traditional major or blend of academic programs, the Dean’s Scholar program provides a way to design a curriculum specific to the students’ interests.  Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students develop an in-depth and creative plan of study to meet the total credit hours for graduation.   Admission to the Dean’s Scholar program requires a proposal and an application during the third or fourth semester at the university.

Degrees with Distinction

Students who complete a thesis and take at least 6 research credits in their senior year may be eligible for a Degree with Distinction. Students must also maintain a minimum GPA and complete the UNIV 401 and 402 courses. Students in the Honors Program also may qualify for an Honors Degree with Distinction if they meet GPA and course requirements.

Honors Program

Students may apply for the Honors Program when applying for admission to the University of Delaware. Current UD students may apply to the program if they have at least a 3.4 GPA and completed 2 Honors courses with a B or better.

Students in the Honors Program benefit from small class size, separate discussion sessions, and living in Honors housing. Students in the Honors Program can register for any Honors courses. Students interested in Honors courses but not a member of the Honors Program may receive permission from the Honors Program to register for those courses.

Study Abroad

The University of Delaware is known to be a pioneer of study abroad. Since the first trip in 1923 to France, students have been studying in various locations throughout the world! After our trip to Antarctica in the Winter of 2003, UD can boast that it offers study abroad programs on all 7 continents! Though our college offers a variety of study abroad trips through our departments, students in the college can opt to participate in almost all UD study abroad programs.

Programs sponsored by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Costa Rica
Ecuador & Galapagos Islands
New Zealand