Specimens Wanted

Delphacid planthopper specimens needed for current and ongoing projects

My current projects largely involve describing new taxa that I have on hand. There are a large number of Neotropical forms that are undescribed, and a few Nearctic forms.

Current and planned projects that I am soliciting specimens for are:

1) Taxa needed for molecular work (Palearctic wishlist)

These taxa are wanted to improve taxonomic sampling in an ongoing project exploring the phylogenetics of the Delphacidae (in collaboration with Jason Cryan and Julie Urban, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences).  This project combines molecular and morphological data, so ideally I could use specimens both for DNA (preserved in alcohol - ideally 95-100% ETOH), and for morphological work (which can be dry or in alcohol).  Although a single specimen (positively identified and well-preserved) will serve for DNA, I have been targeting 3 specimens (males), with any in excess of this used for morphological coding (when needed).  For this project, our prime concern is to have as many delphacid genera represented in the dataset as possible, with a secondary concern of having multiple species within each genus.  While we need taxa from all over the world, the following list is directed toward taxa of the western Palearctic, and was assembled to provide some guidance to colleagues we spoke with at the 13th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress held at Vaison-la-Romaine, France (28 June - 2 July 2010).

Of course, I'd be happy to accept unsorted delphacids from anywhere for molecular work.

High priority

Delphacodes spp. (s.s.) - any true "Delphacodes".

Delphacodes capnodes (Scott, 1870) provided by Teemu Rintala - Thank you!

Of particular interest

Delphacinus mesomelas (Boheman, 1850) (or any Delphacinus species)

Litemixia pulchripennis Asche, 1980

Stiroma spp.


Kelisia spp. (my exemplars are New World)

Stenocranus minutus (Fabricius, 1787) (also could use S. fuscovittatus & S. longipennis)

Tropidocephala spp. (any)

Jassidaeus lugubris (Signoret, 1865)

Achorotile albosignata (Dahlbom, 1850) (Thanks Teemu Rintala)

Achorotile longicornis (Sahlberg, 1871)

Calligypona reyi (Fieber, 1866)

Chloriona spp. (any species - we have had some that did not seem to work)

Conomelus lorifer Ribaut, 1948

Criomorphus albomarginatus Curtis, 1833 (Thanks Teemu Rintala)

Delphax spp. (I have D. pulchellus, D. maritima, and D. crassicornis) (Thanks Teemu Rintala)

Ditropis pteridis (Spinola, 1839)

Ditropsis flavipes (Signoret, 1865)

Euides alpina (Wagner, 1948) (or any true Euides)

Eurysanoides douglasi (Scott, 1870)

Eurysella brunnea (Melichar, 1896)

Eurysula lurida (Fieber, 1866)

Falcotoya minuscula (Horvath, 1897)

Flastena fumipennis (Fieber, 1866)

Florodelphax spp.

Horvathianella palliceps (Horvath, 1897)

Hyledelphax elegantula (Boheman, 1847) (Thanks Teemu Rintala)

Javesella spp. (Have pellucida and dubia)

Megamelodes spp.

Metropis spp. (although I have one, unidentified, from southern France)

Mirabella albifrons Emeljanov, 1982

Nothodelphax distincta (Flor, 1861) (Thanks Teemu Rintala)

Oncodelphax pullula (Boheman, 1852) (Thanks Teemu Rintala)

Paradelphacodes spp. (I now have Paradelphacodes paludosa, thanks Teemu Rintala)

Paraliburnia clypealis (J. Sahlberg, 1871)

Pastiroma clypeata (Horvath, 1897)

Pseudodelphacodes flaviceps (Fieber, 1866)

Ribautodelphax spp. (mine didn't work!)

Scottianella dalei (Scott, 1870)

Stiromella obliqua (Wagner, 1948)

Stiromoides maculiceps (Horvath, 1903)

Unkanodes excisa (Melichar, 1898)

Xanthodelphax spp.

2) Revision of Neotropical Tropidocephalini

This project is in the planning stage, but I am currently compiling specimens (and images of specimens) on New World Tropidocephalini.

I would be interested in examining any New World Tropidocephalini - including undetermined.  The group is mostly South American, but the tribe gets as far north as southern Mexico.

The described species include:

Columbiana Muir, 1919 (type species Columbiana lloydi Muir, 1919).
Columbiana carasi Fennah, 1964: 693-694 - Peru
Columbiana lloydi Muir, 1919 - Columbia


Columbisoga Muir, 1921 (type species Columbisoga campbelli Muir, 1921)
Subgenus Columbisoga Muir, 1921
Columbisoga chusqueae Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga filistylus Muir, 1930 - Bolivia
Columbisoga gynerii Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga gyneriicola Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga maculosa Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga merae Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga ornata Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga sacchari Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga tenae Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Columbisoga tylotus Fennah, 1963: 689-690 - Brazil
Columbisoga zapote Muir, 1926 - Ecuador
Subgenus Columbisodes Fennah, 1963: 691 (type species Columbisoga (Columbisodes) saracura Fennah, 1963).
Columbisoga (Columbisodes) saracura Fennah, 1963: 691-692 - Brazil

Macrocorupha Muir, 1926 (type species Macrocorupha gynerii Muir, 1926).
Macrocorupha gynerii Muir, 1926 - Ecuador, Peru

Malaxa Melichar, 1914 (type species Malaxa acutipennis Melichar, 1914)
Malaxa gracilis Fennah, 1945 - Venezuela
Malaxa microstyla Muir, 1930 - Bolivia
Malaxa occidentalis Muir, 1926 - Ecuador

(for the following genus, I only need to see undetermined specimens)
Procidelphax Bartlett, 2010 (type species Procidelphax depressa Bartlett 2010).
Procidelphax dejecta Bartlett, 2010 - Bolivia
Procidelphax depressa Bartlett, 2010 - Peru


3) Species needed to photograph:

This is a working list of species of which specimens are needed to photograph for the interactive key (sometimes "better" - more photogenic - specimens are needed than those currently available).  Most of these species are not from North America. Males and female, short and long-winged forms are all desired.  Later, there will be a much longer list presented of North American species that I still need.

Of course, I'd be happy to accept good photographs (that I can use on my website and elsewhere, with attribution, of course) instead.

Many of these are either Northern taxa or exotics that are potential invasives:

Achorotile apicata Hamilton, 2002

Achorotile acuta Scudder, 1963

Achorotile foveata Spooner, 1912

Achorotile subarctica Scudder, 1963

Achorotile transbaicalica Kusnezov, 1929

Chilodelphax silvatica Vilbaste, 1968 (= Unkanodes)

Chloriona superba Emeljanov 1964

Delphacodes anufrievi Wilson, 1992

Delphacodes montezumae Muir and Giffard, 1924

Delphacodes quadridentis Beamer, 1948

Delphacodes seminigra (Stal, 1854)

Delphacodes staminata (Metcalf, 1923) (described from 1 specimen, type at NCSU)

Elachodelphax borealis Hamilton, 2002

Elachodelphax hochae Hamilton, 2002

Elachodelphax metcalfi (Kusnezov, 1929)

Elachodelphax unita Hamilton 2002

Euides afasciata (Caldwell, 1951)

Eurybregma eurytion Hamilton, 2002

Falcotoya crawfordi  (Muir & Giffard, 1924)

Falcotoya lyraeformis (Matsumura, 1900)

Kosswigianella irrutilo Hamilton, 2002

Kosswigianella wasatchi Hamilton, 2002

Laccocera bicornata Crawford, 1914

Laccocera lineata Scudder, 1963

Malaxodes farinosus Fennah, 1967

Megadelphax bidentatus (Anufriev, 1970)

Megamelus coronus Beamer, 1955

Megamelus inflatus Metcalf, 1923

Megamelus recurvus Beamer, 1955

Metropis tolerans Emeljanov, 1973

Nilaparvata bakeri (Muir, 1917)

Nilaparvata meander Fennah, 1958

Nothodelphax glacia Wilson, 1992
Nothodelphax guentheri (Dlabola, 1966)

Nothodelphax tshaunica (Anufriev, 1979)

Nothodelphax umbrata Emeljanov, 1982

Opiconsiva paludum (Kirkaldy, 1910)

Paracorbulo sirokata (Matsumura & Ishihara, 1945)

Paraliburnia furcata Hamilton, 2002
Paraliburnia lecartus Hamilton, 2002

Perkinsiella lalokensis Muir, 1911

Perkinsiella papuensis Muir, 1911

Perkinsiella rattlei Muir, 1911

Perkinsiella sinensis Kirkaldy, 1907

Pissonotus melanurus Van Duzee, 1917 (I have some putative specimens, but the tails are odd)

Purohita taiwanesis Muir, 1914

Ribautodelphax notabilis Logvinenko 1970

Ribautodelphax pallens (Stal, 1854)

Stenocranus pacificus Kirkaldy, 1907 (I have presumptive specimens of this)

Tarophagus proserpina (Kirkaldy, 1907)

Tarophagus persephone (Kirkaldy, 1907)

Toya terryi (Muir, 1917)

Tropidocephala formosana Matsumura, 1910

Tropidocephala saccharivorella Matsumura, 1907

Unkanodes tanasijevici (Dlabola, 1965)

Yukonodelphax kendallae Wilson, 1992


4. Missing types and New World species in incertae sedis.

If you have specimens that are presumed to be of any of the following species, I would be very interested in seeing them. For all these species I have not been able to locate the type specimens or any other material.


1. Delphacodes carinata (Glover, 1877)

2. Delphacodes curvistyla Dozier, 1926 (all the Dozier types appear to be missing)

3. Delphacodes furcata (Provancher, 1872)

4. Delphacodes indentistyla Dozier, 1926

5. Delphacoes rivularis (Germar, 1830)


6. Cenchrea mcateei Dozier, 1928 (now Omolicna)

7. Amalopota mcateei Dozier, 1928 (now Anotia)