The online bibliography will be uploaded in two parts:

1.  A searchable bibliography 1940-present for literature on all planthopper families.

The year 1940 was chosen as the demarcation point so that it would have limited overlap with the compiled bibliography for the Metcalf catalog (Metcalf 1944).  PDFs will be made available for this literature as allowed and practicable.

This database is intended to be comprehensive.  Every effort was made to provide correct and current citations. Some errors are inevitable due to language and availability constraints.  We would appreciation any missing references or corrections brought to out attention. 

The PDFs are simply scans of available copies.  We will try to improve these with time.  Contributed PDFs welcome.

2.  A limited digital library for older literature.

This is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather a library of available PDFs of planthopper references.

For a searchable database for all Auchenorrhyncha literature from 1741-1955, try the North Carolina State University "Dr. Metcalf" database, which includes all the literature in the Metcalf catalogs, including some compiled literature that was never published.

Dr. Metcalf is here:


Metcalf, Z. P.  1944.  A Bibliography of the Homoptera (Auchenorhyncha).  North Carolina State College of Agriculture & Engineering. Raleigh, NC. 2 vols. (vol. 1 886 pp., vol. II186 pp.)