1. The Agriculture Animal Care and Use Committee (AACUC) of the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) strives to assure that agricultural animal care and use in research and teaching follows the guidelines established by the Guide For the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching, Third Ed., January, 2010 and the Animal Welfare Act to achieve the highest standards of humane treatment of agricultural animals in research and education.


The AACUC is appointed by the Dean and advises principal investigators, course instructors and research professionals, in matters of animal care and use in research, teaching, and outreach.  The chair of the Department of Animal and Food Sciences (ANFS) can and should be consulted about potential members.  The AACUC functions to establish and enforce policies and procedures that ensure compliance with regulations and professional standards of animal care and usage in agricultural research and education programs at the University of Delaware. All policies and procedures developed by the AACUC to complete its mission must first be approved by the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

No agricultural animal usage may occur within the University of Delaware without prior authorization by the AACUC.  Authorization is based upon AACUC evaluation of written procedures for research and teaching and information on animal numbers and animal care submitted by principal investigators, research professionals and course instructors within the University of Delaware.  The AACUC develops and implements policies and procedures to receive, review, and act on complaints related to animal use and care.  If deemed necessary based on evaluation of such complaints, the AACUC has the authority to suspend any activity involving animal usage conducted outside of the regulations, policies and oversight established by the committee.

The AACUC provides on-going oversight of the agricultural animal care and use at the University of Delaware conducting onsite semi-annual facilities and animal inspection programs and reviews and approves protocols for all agricultural animal usage in research and education programs within the University of Delaware.  This includes adequate veterinary care, facility design and husbandry for all University of Delaware agricultural animals used in research and teaching. The AACUC has authority to exercise duties required by university policies, professional standards, and federal agencies to make independent decisions concerning the husbandry, treatment of agricultural animals maintained or owned by the University of Delaware.  AACUC intervention may lead to provision of appropriate veterinary care or euthanasia in order to meet the objectives of AACUC mandated care.  In all cases, principal investigators and/or course instructors are informed as to decisions made by the AACUC regarding treatment or euthanasia.