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Photo of batteries Photo of cardboard picture of an old computer Photo of aluminum cans, newspaper, and a plastic bottle Alkaline Batteries– (for example 9V and AA) can be deposited at Recycle Centers operated by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. Other Battery types – (such as Ni-Cd, Lead Acid, and car batteries) from the campus setting are collected by Occupational Health and Safety. Call x0690 for pick-up and recycling. Cardboard– can be placed in the hallway for recycling. Only corrugated cardboard can be recycled. Do NOT include gray board i.e., tablet backing. Electric and Lab Equipment- are collected by Supportive Services. Call X2157 for pick-up and recycling. All types of University equipment, including televisions, computers and video cameras can be recycled. Lab equipment must be decontaminated before calling Occupational Health and Safety (X0690) for pickup. For computer equipment please contact the College’s IT group first. Glass, Plastic, Aluminum and Steel Cans, and Newspaper– can be deposited at Recycle Centers operated by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. The nearest location to Townsend Hall is at the City Garage facility on Phillips Avenue. There are also four recycle centers on campus at Rodney Dorms, Pearson Hall, Laird Campus and Hollingsworth Lot. Residence halls have outdoor bins and some campus buildings such as Morris Library and Smith Hall, have bins where individuals can deposit some of these items. Photo of blue recycle bin that contains paper acceptable for recycling Photo of ink cartridges Photo of polystyrene packaging material. Recycle symbol with a question mark. Office Paper- can be deposited into blue recycle bins found in most offices. You can deposit white and colored paper, as well as Post-it’s. You do not have to remove staples. Do NOT include newspaper, magazines, Tyvek envelopes, napkins, Kleenex, or food wrappers. Printer Cartridges–can be placed in an envelope labeled “recycle” and sent to the University mailroom for collection as part of a charitable effort. Cartridges can also be dropped off or mailed back to office supply stores. Some manufacturers also supply pre-paid envelopes for returning used cartridges.

Toner Cartridges-can be placed in an envelope labeled “recycle” and sent to the University mailroom.

Polystyrene-FP International in the Harmony Business Park accepts all clean styrofoam packaging materials for reprocessing during normal working hours.

A portion of the custodial closet, 119 Worrilow , and 121A Worrilow have been set aside as a temporary storage area for polystyrene. Room 121A , requires the outside Worrilow Hall key. The recycling committee will take the accumulated material to FP International for reprocessing. Please be aware though that a number of companies are now using cornstarch peanuts as packaging material. If the peanut dissolves in water, it is not styrofoam.
Did you know- that the University also recycles scrap steel, unused chemicals, light tubes and ballasts, waste oil, and precious metals? These materials are recycled by the Grounds Department, Vehicle Maintenance, and Office of Occupational Health and Safety.