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First-Semester Schedules for Freshmen    

To find the courses typically taken by first-term freshmen in your major, click on your major below.   Keep in mind this is just one sample, and not everyone will take the same number or types of courses in their first term.   The average load is 12-17 credits, or 4-5 major courses. If you are unsure of your major, check your admission letter and packet or e-mail cbrower@udel.edu.

Majors  [click each major for a complete pdf]
Agricultural Education
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Animal Science
Engineering Technology
Environmental Soil Science
Food & Agribusiness Management
Food Science
Landscape Horticulture
Natural Resource Management
Plant Protection
Plant Science
Resource Economics
Wildlife Conservation

Course Choices and Descriptions for Group Requirements
Social Sciences & Humanities
Literature & Arts
Agriculture & Biological Sciences

Supporting Courses
SkilMods are designed to help students improve their academic success strategies. These one-credit, pass/fail courses include Study Skills; Critical Thinking; and Problem Solving.  We strongly recommend at least one of these courses—specifically Study Skills—for our entering freshmen.  If you have room for an extra 1-credit in your fall schedule, it is worth considering enrolling in a SkilMod.  See http://www.aec.udel.edu/skilmods.html for more information.