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Welcome to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources    

Welcome to the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR.)  The faculty, staff and students here are glad that you have chosen us as the place to continue your education, and we look forward to working with you over the next couple of months as you begin your Blue Hen experience with us. 

By now you should have received a letter and insert from us that explains the advisement and registration process for new CANR students.  Please be sure to keep those documents close at hand, and refer to them to ensure you are meeting important deadlines.  In addition, this site is designed to guide you through the advisement and registration process; to help answer your questions; and to put you in contact with people who can help you.    Feel free to call on us at any time if we can be of assistance.  Welcome, and we’ll see you soon at DelaWorld 101!

Steps to Success Document [pdf]
This is the insert which was included in your welcome letter.

Establishing Your University of Delaware E-mail Account

In the coming weeks, our contact with you will be via your UD E-mail account.  It is important that you set up this account promptly, following these directions:
1.      Log in to the "Be a Blue Hen" site at http://www.udel.edu/beabluehen/
2.      Under "Announcements," click on the link called "Set your PIN". Follow the 1-2 steps to set your PIN.
3.    Also under "Announcements," click on the link called "Setting up your e-mail account". You will need your PIN to log on to set your e-mail account. This process is several steps, so please allow several minutes to complete it.
4.      For assistance with setting up your E-mail, go to http://www.udel.edu/welcome/.
5.      Once established, be sure to check your UD E-mail account daily, for announcements and instructions about your advisement and registration.  You can access your E-mail at http://mail.udel.edu.

Important information about advisement and registration will be sent to you via your University of Delaware E-mail account on June 9.   If you do not access this account, you will not have the information you need to register for your fall courses.   You will need your E-mail name (UDelNet ID) and your Password to enter the University’s Central Authentication System (CAS) and ultimately UDSIS, our student information system.

Advisement Information

  1. Math Placement Information
    1. Be sure to complete the Math Placement Test on-line by June 9.  Visit www.udel.edu/beabluehen for links to the test.
    2. You need to take the test even if you have completed AP tests or other math courses in college.  The results serve as an important baseline for advising you in future math courses.
    3. Once completed, you will get your score and a placement level.  The math course you take in the Fall is dependent on where you place on this test and what is needed for your major.   See your First-Term Schedule for more information.
  2. Advanced Placement Information (AP)
    1. http://admissions.udel.edu/apply/apibcredit.shtml
    2. Most students will not know their AP scores at the time of registration.  That’s OK!   If you think an AP score might take the place of a course you are taking in the first term, go ahead and register for the course anyway.  Once you get your scores, we can make adjustments to your schedule at that time.   If you already have your scores and aren’t sure what to do, please send your question in an E-mail to kra@udel.edu.
  3. Advisement Contacts
    There are various people available to help answer your advisement questions. Keep in mind, though, that the person you are trying to reach might be unavailable at the particular time you try to contact them; if you do not hear from them within a couple of days, please try another contact.  We have plenty of people to help you! 

First-Term Schedules for Freshmen
Every student—and every first semester schedule—is different.  In general, though, first-semester students in each major tend to have similar schedules.  Follow this link to the typical schedules of first-term students in each of our majors.   Be sure to follow the major to which you have been admitted, unless you are advised to do otherwise. 

UDSIS and Registration Information
To register in your courses, you need to log in to UDSIS using your UDelNet ID and password.   Once there, follow these directions to register for your courses.  You will find that you are already enrolled in some courses.  You should NOT drop any of the courses listed there, but rather build the rest of your schedule around the existing courses.
- For an on-line tutorial on how to register, go to http://www.udel.edu/registrar/.  Under “Items of Interest” and “Tutorial Videos,” click on “How to Register.”
- You also may contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@udel.edu or 302/831-1552

Frequently Asked Questions  
Q:  Do I still have to come to DelaWorld 101?
Yes!  Not only will your course registration be confirmed at DelaWorld, but you and your family will participate in important sessions and receive vital information related to your first year at UD.   It is a day not to be missed!

Q: What is the best approach to building a schedule?
Building your schedule is like doing a puzzle.  You want to start by adding the courses you must have (like Chemistry, for example,) and then filling other courses in around those that are required.  Sometimes you have to change sections, and you might even have to take an 8:00 a.m. or evening/weekend course to get things to fit.   The most important thing is getting the courses you need; an ideal schedule is not always possible.

Q:  How many classes or credits should I take in my first term?
The recommended course load is four or five major courses of 3-4 credits each.  Depending on your academic background, we might recommend a higher or lower number.  Since the tuition rate covers between 12-17 credits, most students stay within that range.  Each case is unique, and we will work with each student individually to ensure that you are taking an appropriate load.  To ensure you get everything you need, register for the maximum amount of credits you are considering, and we can make adjustments to your schedule later.

Q:  Why do my MATH and CHEM courses have so many times associated with them? 
In each of these courses, you have a lecture 2-3 times per week.  In CHEM, you also have a lab for 3 hours per week.   You will also note that there may be a 2-hour time block on one day per week, usually around 5:00 p.m.  This is the Common Exam time for that course.  You will only have these exams 3 times in a semester, but the indication on your schedule serves as a placeholder so you don’t schedule a conflict during that time. 

Q: What is the freshman seminar/First Year Experience?
All University freshmen are required to participate in a formal First Year Experience, which assists you in making a smooth transition to college.  Over and over, students tell us that the value of the seminar was far greater than the one credit they earned for it!  For more information, see the FYE website at www.ugs.udel.edu/FYE.

Q:  What if I want to change my major?
If you are thinking about a different major for your first term, please contact the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources' Office of Academic Programs with your name, UD ID, and an explanation of what you are considering, 302-831-2508. 

Q:  How can I double major or pick up a minor?
These are great options, and will be discussed with you when you arrive on campus in the Fall.   New students cannot add dual majors or minors until their first semester has started.

Q:  What if I need to change my schedule?
Once you have registered for your courses, you will be able to make changes to your schedule until July 16.  After that, you will not have access again until August 1, at which time enrollment will open up again, and you can make changes through the 10th day of classes.  Keep in mind, though, that if you drop something, you may not be able to get it back.  Always check with an advisor before making any changes to your schedule!

Contact Information

  • Latoya Watson, Undergraduate Services Coordinator
  • Carol Brower, Staff Assistant, CANR Academic Programs
  • CANR Office of Academic Programs:  302/831-2508 (phone) and 302/831-1360 (fax)