All Longwood Fellows conduct thesis research over the course of two years. Each Fellow initially proposes and discusses a topic for investigation with the Program Director. The categories of research supported by the Longwood Graduate Program are diverse and reflective of common topics within the field of public horticulture. The Longwood Graduate Program provides funding for individual research, and the Fellows commonly use the resources of the University of Delaware, Longwood Gardens, and the Delaware Valley to develop and advance their research.

Examples of research completed in the Longwood Graduate Program are available through the University of Delaware’s Library. Digital copies of past theses are catalogued in the University’s DSpace, a searchable index of all graduate research completed between 1969 and 2005. The index can be searched and browsed by title, keyword, subject, author, and date. Please visit the DSpace page to search and/or browse Longwood Graduate Program research published as theses prior to 2005.

All theses completed after 2005 can be obtained through the ProQuest subscription service or by contacting the Longwood Graduate Program Staff Assistant to request an electronic copy.

Dan Burcham Andrew Gapinski Dan Stern Barnabas Seyler Shari Edelson