Students in the Longwood Graduate Program work, both individually and collaboratively, to produce various publications. Over the two-year program, the Fellows create materials in print and electronic media for diverse audiences that include horticultural professionals, academicians, and plant enthusiasts. This assemblage is an illustration of these products, print and electronic, generated by Longwood Graduate Fellows. These publications have appeared in magazines, peer reviewed journals, and as individual works. The accompanying citation, if required, appears below the graphic icon representing the work.

All students in the Longwood Graduate Program conduct thesis research, and the Fellows’ theses are some of the most notable publications authored within the Program. The details regarding published research conducted in the Longwood Graduate Program can be found in the Research section of the Program’s Web site.

Program & Membership Development Strategy for Scott Arboretum, POP Project 2011

DHSS Therapeutic and Community Garden, Professional Outreach Project 2010

DHSS Therapeutic and Community Garden Conceptual Plan, Professional Outreach Project 2010

Bartram's Garden Meadow Management Plan, Professional Outreach Project 2009

Bartram's Garden Field Guide, Professional Outreach Project 2009

Welkinweir Plant Records Handbook, Professional Outreach Project 2008

Welkinweir Plant Collections Map, Professional Outreach Project 2008

Fairmount Park Horticulture Center Brochure, Professional Outreach Project 2007

Fairmount Park Horticulture Center Self-Guided Tree Tour, Professional Outreach Project 2007

Fairmount Park Horticulture Center Rack Card, Professional Outreach Project 2007

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