Professional Outreach Project (POP)

The Professional Outreach Project (POP) is an annual component of the Longwood Graduate Program. It is executed collaboratively by all ten graduate Fellows and guided by the Graduate Program Director and participants from the client institution.

For the student participants, the project offers the opportunity to engage with professionals, gain experience in project management, and build proficiency in collaboration within a chosen area of interest in the field of public horticulture.

The bulk of the project work takes place between July and September, with a final deadline of September 30th. The Fellows work together to initiate, manage, and implement the pro-bono project. The client institution is not financially responsible for any POP-related work and materials, but Fellows will ask to meet with staff, volunteers, or trustees in order to gather information to gain a better understanding of the client institution.

For more details on past Professional Outreach Projects follow the links below:

  • [pdf]

    Preserving, Developing, and Sharing the Historic Painter Plant Collection at Tyler Arboretum

  • [pdf]

    Enhancing the Visitor Experience at Awbury Arboretum

  • [pdf]
    Program and membership development
    strategy for Scott Arboretum of
    Swarthmore College.