Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson pursued and accepted the Fellowship offered by the Longwood Graduate Program because of desire to connect more individuals to public gardens and public spaces, a belief that success is more often achieved through strong partnerships, rather than in isolation. She is exploring thesis topics which focus on the relationships between communities, public gardens, and environmental policy related issues.

Abby Johnson graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelors in Human Resource Development, from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. For the next ten years she worked in in economically distressed communities in economic development, housing development and advocacy roles for policy changes. Increasingly, Abby discovered disconnects between communities, governments and natural/ planned public spaces. In her opinion, public gardens, natural spaces, and parks were viewed as amenities rather than essential components of community.

While working in Southeast Louisiana over the last four years building a pipeline of 500 units of supportive housing, Abby became a vocal advocate for increased public spaces, environmental justice, and preservation of coastal land, especially as this impacted communities living in the bayous of Louisiana. Through this work, she recognized the potential of public gardens to address environmental sustainability through formal and informal partnerships with local communities. Abby uses photography and music as creative outlets.

Student Position: Environmental Impact Leader

Board Position: Delaware Nature Society