Land and facilities

Numerous rooms are available for use by faculty members, staff members, and student groups on the Newark Campus.
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Newark Campus

Townsend Hall

Worrilow Hall

Fischer Greenhouse

Townsend Hall
Housing CANR administrative, departmental and faculty offices, laboratories and teaching rooms.

Worrilow Hall
Housing CANR teaching and research laboratories

Fischer Greenhouse Laboratory
A professionally-managed suite of growth chambers and glass house facilities serving the research and education community




UD Dairy

Webb Farm

Equine Teaching Facility

UD Dairy
Providing faculty and students close proximity to a real-life, working dairy farm that serves as a model for environmental best management practices

Webb Farm
The Webb Farm, located off of Route 72 in Newark, houses facilities for the college’s registered Angus cattle herd, Dorset sheep flock and horse herd; and includes a lambing barn, livestock arena and the new equine facility.

Equine Teaching Facility
A new facility used for equine science courses, to provide continuing education opportunities for local and regional equine veterinarians, and to support Extension outreach efforts for Delaware's growing equine industry.






CANR Analytical Laboratories
UD-CANR has a variety of laboratories that provide analytical services to members of the public and university communities. 

Natural Resource Areas
Including a 10-acre warm season prairie recently established to restore an old landfill, two wildflower meadows, and numerous wetlands and stream corridors.

An area where beehives are kept for use in entomological research, teaching, and extension, and as a source of pollinators for local croplands.




Allen Lab


Cooperative Extension New Castle

Allen Biotechnology Laboratory
A world class research laboratory used to address basic and applied research in infectious diseases with emphasis on epidemiology, pathogenesis, vaccine development and evaluation

Delaware Biotechnology Institute
A partnership among government, academia and industry to help establish Delaware as a center of excellence in biotechnology and the life sciences.

New Castle County Cooperative Extension
The hub for Cooperative Extension programming in New Castle County




UDairy Creamery ribbon cutting photo

Ecology Woods


UDairy Creamery
In 2010, an ice cream manufacturing facility and storefront will be constructed on the CANR complex.

Ecology Woods
35 acres of forested lands used for research and teaching in the areas of ecology, entomology, and wildlife conservation

University of Delaware Botanic Gardens
A series of 12 gardens on 15 acres used by faculty, students, Green Industry professionals, and the public, and serving a primary role in supporting the CANR programs in horticulture, plant science, entomology, and landscape design.





UD Agricultural Experiment Station


Wetland Creation Site
In September of 2008, a wetland was installed on the UD Farm, in what was once a pasture for dairy cows. While the primary goal of this project is to improve water quality and enhance habitat, the site will also be used for research and teaching related to water quality, soils, ecology, and horticulture.

UD Agricultural Experiment Station
The U.S. Department of Agriculture established agricultural experiment stations in connection with state land-grant universities to provide farmers with practical, science-based information.


New Castle County

Middletown Farm

Middletown Farm - Farmland and natural resource areas used for research and teaching purposes.

Kent County

Paradee Center

Paradee Center
The hub for Cooperative Extension programming for the University, business, government, and civic and corporate institutions throughout the county.

Sussex County

Elbert N. and Ann V. Carvel Research and Education Center
Georgetown-The hub for Sussex County Cooperative Extension housing educators and agents who provide educational programming, 325 acres of farmland for agronomic research, and 35 acres of natural areas.

Lasher Laboratory
Georgetown-The primary poultry diagnostic laboratory in the State, providing rapid and comprehensive diagnostic services to commercial poultry producers as well as to the owners of small non-commercial hobby and backyard flocks.