Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

Internships can be a significant and very meaningful part of your college education. Participating in an undergraduate internship, such as the ones described in the following files, allows you to become involved in "hands-on" experiences and apply the knowledge you have gained in the classroom. There are many types of internships available and all can be very rewarding. Some examples include:

No matter what type of internship you choose to become involved in, the experiences you gain will be invaluable as you plan for your future. If you would like to learn more about the following internship opportunities, or just talk about internships in general, contact your faculty advisor or either of us. We'll be glad to hear your ideas and explain the types of internship programs that would of most interest and value to you.

Dr. Tom Sims
Director, UD Institute of Soil and Environmental Quality
Dr. Don Sparks
Chair, UD Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Each internship file listed below will appear as an Adobe .pdf file upon clicking on the subject title.
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Agricultural (3 internships; 5 pages)

Companies (4 internships; 7 pages)

Education (6 internships; 12 pages)

Government Agencies (1 internship; 3 pages); USDA Career Intern Brochure (2 pages)

Non-Profits (4 internships; 8 pages)

Plant Science (4 internships; 7 pages)

Policy/Campaigning (8 internships; 13 pages)

Summer Research (12 internships; 26 pages)


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