Students in the Summer Institute will:

Participate in ongoing research projects guided by faculty mentors. All students will meet with their faculty mentors on a regular basis and will be actively involved in a research project directly related to their personal area of interest for approximately 30 hours per week.

Meet other faculty and graduate students in the CANR and learn about the full range of opportunities available for prospective graduate students. Group discussions and seminars may be held with faculty and graduate students representing the core scientific disciplines in the CANR.

Interact with professionals (for example, in private industry, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations) who are pursuing successful careers in agriculture and natural resources.

Become familiar with the academic background and qualifications needed to be admitted and succeed in graduate school at UD.

Interact with undergraduate students participating in summer research programs in other UD colleges through seminars, workshops, and social activities. Gym and swimming facilities are available upon request.