Students selected for the 2015 program were, from left, Annie Choi, Simone Jimenez, Audrey Smylie, and Paula Thomas (not pictured). The following information pertains to the time of their participation in the Summer Institute.

Annie Choi was advised by Dr. Tanya Gressley in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: animal biosciences/pre-vet
Project: Classifying Leukocytes Isolated from Bovine Intestinal Tissue
Click here to read Annie's poster abstract.

Simone Jimenez was advised by Dr. Janine Sherrier in UD's Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences.
School: Florida International University / Major: biological sciences
Project: Identification of a Rhizobia Strain Efficient Enough to be Marketed as an Inoculant
Click here to read Simone's poster abstract.

Audrey Smylie was advised by Dr. Jacob Bowman in UD's Dept. of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
School: Lincoln University / Major: environmental science
Project: Effect of Mid-Summer Colony Division on Honey Bee Populations
Click here to read Audrey's poster abstract.

Paula Thomas was advised by Dr. Kalmia Kniel in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: food science
Project: Assessing the Application of Bacillus subtilis UD1022 for Reduction of Listeria monocytogenes on Cantaloupe Seeds
Click here to read Paula's poster abstract.


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