Students selected for the 2014 program were, from left, Monique Robinson, Paula Thomas, Candice Gittens, Michelle Paukett, and Christine Piazza (not pictured). The following information pertains to the time of their participation in the Summer Institute.

Candice Gittens was advised by Dr. Robert Dyer in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: animal biosciences/pre-vet
Project: Immune and Inflammatory Cell Phenotypic Structure in Bovine Mesenteric Adipose Tissue
Click here to read Candice's poster abstract.

Michelle Paukett was advised by Dr. Angelia Seyfferth in UD's Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences.
School: UD / Major: animal and food science plus food agribusiness management
Project: Interactions between Silicon, Arsenic, and Magnaporthe oryzae in Rice Plants
Click here to read Michelle's poster abstract.

Christine Piazza was advised by Dr. Jacob Bowman in UD's Dept. of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
School: Towson University / Major: biology
Project: An Investigation of Deer Abundance in Urban Forest Fragments of Northern Delaware
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Monique Robinson was co-advised by Drs.Robert Alphin and Eric Benson, both in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: molecular biology
Project: Using a Spectrophotometer to Evaluate the Spectral Power Distribution of Lamps for Poultry Production
Click here to read Monique's poster abstract.

Paula Thomas was advised by Dr. Kalmia Kniel in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: food science
Project: Use of Biocontrol Agent Bacillus subtillis UD1022 to Reduce Risk of Listeria monocytogenes Contamination on Cantaloupes 
Click here to read Paula's poster abstract.


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